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Your Daily Male 2019: A Year Full of Men, But With Critical Undertones

by our Editors in Theatre, Art & Expo , 09 november 2018

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Length: 5 minutes

“Your Daily Male,” the only tear-off calendar in the world with the male as its central theme, will see its fourth edition again published by Gallery MooiMan male-art. Fifty-two international artists have contributed to this colorful tear-off calendar in which the male takes centre stage. The calendar weighs more than two pounds and is four centimetres thick.

“Your Daily Male” does not usually work with a theme, but this time the theme is obvious: artists giving a critical response to current social circumstances, and on how homosexuality relates to society in general, sometimes also in terms of politics. Jan van Stralen, one of Gallery MooiMan’s publishers, explains the cover and a selection that only features male couples.

“This calendar is not just about art, but also about the freedom to express yourself. It represents male beauty, but can also have a social, political or social-critical background, such as the new series of photographs by Ron Amato, entitled “Gay in Trumpland.” Within an hour after the inauguration of Trump, all references to homosexuality were deleted from the website of the White House. This year in the Netherlands as well, Peter Kooij’s work was not accepted in Apeldoorn at an exhibition. It is incomprehensible that these two beautiful portraits, included in the calendar, could not be shown in The Netherlands.”

“Naturally, eroticism also plays a role and is amply represented in this edition. I can imagine that some of the selection will encounter resistance. However, it is still art and about the artist’s freedom to do what he wants. We will not let this freedom be taken away, even in Trump Country, especially because we are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots this year, the riots that signify the start of the struggle for equal rights.”

Facebook vs. Freedom of Expression

Currently there is a debate on freedom of expression, and how Facebook deals with artists with work in which homosexuality plays a role. How painful Facebook’s reactions to artistic nudes and homosexuality actually are, becomes clear by the fact that recently, gallery MooiMan was blocked by Facebook for a period of thirty days because of a photo by video-artist Maurice Nuiten, also represented in “Your Daily Male 2019.”
The controversial image stems from the 2017 video installation “Baby, did you know we already moved more than 768,800 kilometres together” by artist Maurice Nuiten. The video installation - nominated for the prestigious BLOOOM Award - was shown during the exhibition “Vulnerable Desire” as part of the fourth Dordrecht Pride. Central to the exhibition was recent violence toward gay men in Dordrecht. They were lured into a trap via the dating app Grindr. On the controversial picture, the video-installation of two men entwined is seen. Legs, nor genitalia are visible. It is a universal image of two people who discuss the infinity of love and ask whether this infinity is measurable.

Ron Amato, Photographer, USA | Gay in Trumpland

The current president and administration of the United States have engaged in a war against the GLBTQ community. After years of the our community making steady gains in employment, housing and education rights, as well as legal recognition of same-sex relationships, this administration is continually dismantling those gains.

The obliteration of policies and programs designed to protect the rights of GLBTQ people is systemic and widespread. This photo series is a visual expression of our community getting pushed back, denied basic protections under the law and being expected to forego the basic human rights of loving and community building.

Ron Amato is a Professor in the Photography Department at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Much of Ron’s work centres on issues of sexual identity. His seminal 2000 show of sexual self-portraits at Richard Anderson Fine Arts in New York City earned Ron a reputation for his frank portrayal of the sexual dynamic between men.

In 2017 Ron published his first monograph, “The Box,” which continues his exploration of these themes. The photo series and book garnered worldwide praise and won an American Photographic Artists Award for Outstanding Photography Series. The book “The Box” is for sale at the gallery.

David Jester, Painter, USA

“I was born in Palm Springs, California, and have my MFA from Rutgers University in Sculpture. This current series of paintings was inspired by gay life online and in apps, how we present ourselves to each other, how we treat each other, and the series is working towards showing the diversity and richness of the community.”

Ivan Bubentcov, Illustrator and Artist, Russian Federation

“I was born in 1972 in a small town near Moscow. I loved drawing from my childhood years on, and I graduated in 1992 from Abramtsevsky Art-Industrial College named after VM Vasnetsov, then from the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after SG Stroganov (1999).”

“Now I earn my living as an interior designer and artist. An important part of my work is ‘Gay Art.’ My heroes are ordinary Russian males who can be found anywhere – in a bar, at a construction site, in a forest and, of course, in a Russian bathhouse. They are a little naive, simple, but very attractive.”

Lars Ulriksen – House of Larcifer, Artist, Photographer, Norway

Lars Ulriksen (Larcifer) is educated as a designer, ceramist, and photographer. He is located at Fredrikstad, Norway, but works throughout Europe. His work ranges from portraits and boudoir & erotica to fashion and contemporary fine art.

Stephan Tobias (in cooperation with with Peter Andres), photographer, Germany

Stephan Tobias uses photography as a playful way of interacting with others, and dealing with concepts and ideas. To take pictures and to edit them, in extensive series of variations, is a creative activity which he pursues as a challenge since his childhood days.

 “Your Daily Male,” 368 full-colour pages, € 32.50 excl. shipping costs (€ 7.50 within The Netherlands and a number of European countries). The calendar can be ordered at any Dutch bookstore, but, of course, is also for sale at gallery MooiMan. Special offer: €5.00 discount on the shipping costs when ordering via with the following discount code: YDMGN. (Some of the interview comes from your Your Daily Male 2019 and partly appeared in newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.)



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