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Monday 24 Jun
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I’m Confused

by Rick van der Made in Columns & Opinions , 10 april 2018

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The municipal elections are just behind us. In my municipality, Zaanstad, sixteen parties participated for thirty-nine council seats. It was very difficult to make an informed choice. Not only am I confused, I am also split.

Fortunately, thirteen of the sixteen parties had signed the “rainbow ballot agreement” in Zaanstad last month, the appeal to safeguard and stimulate the interests of the GLBTI community in the municipality. From ChristenUnie (orthodox Protestant Christians) to SP (socialists), from the national Christian Democratic Appeal to the local “Zaanstad for Everyone”: a motley crew of municipal councillors signed the agreement.

I am confused, split and pink.

Three parties did not sign the agreement - a local party, the PVV and DENK.

Food for thought.

And reason to investigate further.

The website of the PVV states that “The Netherlands should be ours again.” I never quite understand what the populist-right exactly means by “ours.” And what about those who do not fall under the label “ours”? What happens to them? I know Moroccan-Dutch gays who were born here and who, I think, are just as much “ours” as me. I am Dutch. My good friend Saïd is also Dutch.

On the first page of DENK’s website you’ll find: “A tolerant society in which we all accept each other.”

Great. But what do the words “tolerant” and “acceptance” mean exactly when this party chooses not to sign the rainbow ballot agreement? Does DENK accept me? Is DENK tolerant of the GLBTI community?

Apparently, a number of newly elected municipal councillors should be given hell about the rainbow ballot agreement.

The GLBTI community is now embraced by parties such as ChristenUnie and CDA. They signed the rainbow agreement in Zaanstad without any preconditions.

I believe that change works much better if it comes from within - just like CDA and ChristenUnie when it comes to the GLBTI community - and that it does not work well when it is imposed from above.

Former Minister Jan Kees de Jager did not have a CDA member lying awake at night, and every year, gay Christians are cheerfully participating in Gay Pride with their own boat.

From within the party.

You cannot become a member of the PVV, which is a shame. I find it highly undemocratic.

Perhaps the entire Dutch GLBTI community should become a member of DENK.

Then we can all go to the party congress in our best rainbow colors and submit as many pink proposals as possible.

I think, so I DENK exist.

I think I am a confuse, split, pink, tolerant Dutchman who can safely vote ChristenUnie, and whose name could appear on DENK’s electoral list in four years’ time.



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In the New Issue of Gay News, 335, July 2019

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