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Monday 24 Jun
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Read a Book!

by Hans Hafkamp in Columns & Opinions , 26 januari 2018

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

It is a fact that people, especially the male population, spend less and less time reading. I find this incomprehensible. I myself do not feel comfortable when I am not tackling one or two books. How do people living in a bookless environment spend their time? Are they just sitting behind their computer or in front of the television?

To my delight, some months ago research was published that shows that young people are again reading more and more.

At times you read something in these old-fashioned information carriers you agree with so much that you feel like making a poster and distributing the poster all over the city. For instance, at Los Angeles Airport, British historian A.L. Rowse, famous for his study “Homosexuals in History” (1977), wrote in his diary on January 20, 1967: “I deeply resent having my hard-earned earnings confiscated [by the tax department] for the benefit of the slackers of the Slacker State. I don’t want to have my money scalped off me to maintain other people’s children. I don’t like other people; I particularly don’t like their children; I deeply disapprove of their proliferation making the globe uninhabitable. " "The fucking idiots - I don’t want to pay for their fucking. I am tolerant enough not to disapprove of their enjoying themselves, but in this scientific age it need not have the deplorable consequences of a population explosion.” Rowse was obviously not a people person (he liked cats), but that does make his “Diaries,” published some years ago, such a delight. Perhaps his words could also be taken to heart by all those gays and lesbians who nowadays want to pass on the genetic material all of a sudden, but that is, of course, a politically incorrect thought.

Other times you read something that makes you want to delve into the subject deeper, or that makes you curious about the follow-up. On January 2, 1968, Gerard Reve in a letter to prof. Dr. A. de Froe put before him an issue that apparently occupied his mind: “The question is: how does one determine, in people that are conventionally dressed & by whom only their head and hands are uncovered, whether that person has a large, mediocre or a small Johnson. There are many theories, but they don’t seem to hold much practical value. A big nose and/or big feet are supposedly indicative of a Big One, but this is magical symbolism. I have met Boys with ordinary or even rather small feet, who were in the possession of a formidable Pecker [...].”

One would be curious to know how the Professor responded to this, but, to my knowledge, his answer was never made public. The question is whether this issue of seize held the same level of interest to the Amsterdam Professor as it did to our late popular author. However, the gay world would probably have been rocked to the core if De Froe had given a definitive answer to this question that concerns us all, even those who maintain that “size doesn’t matter, it is all about the inner self.”

Unfortunately, until proven otherwise, we will have to assume that there are no physiological features that reveal the size of someone’s member. Otherwise, whole treatises would have been written about it. And they would suddenly be read by all those who would normally not go near a book or magazine and consider a blog of more than a hundred words a challenge, especially when the blog is not made more appealing with a multitude of photos.

I myself believe that books, even though they may not have the answer to this existential question, offer so much education and enjoyment that I will continue to collect and read them. If I come across the answer to Reve’s question, rest assured we will cover it.



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In the New Issue of Gay News, 335, July 2019

Made in Amsterdam

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