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Your Daily Male 2018, A New Man Every Day

by our Editors in Theatre, Art & Expo , 05 januari 2018

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

For the third time now, Gallery MooiMan published the only tear-off calendar in the world with the male as its theme: “Your Daily Male 2018.” Although such a typical Dutch product as the tear-off calendar, “Your Daily Male” is gradually conquering not only the Netherlands but also the rest of the world.

America’s largest and oldest gay magazine The Advocate wrote: “The art in ‘Your Daily Male 2018’ is amazing and varied. It is a breath-taking annual overview that is reminiscent of the incredible variety of male art that exists in the world.”

GayStarNews, Britain’s largest GLBT platform: “‘Your Daily Male’ is a refreshing contrast to the slim, gym-tinted underwear models that normally dominate the men’s calendars. With its large variety in artistic styles, this calendar joyfully presents men in all their glory.”

“Your Daily Male 2018” is a unique collaboration of fifty-two Dutch and international artists who have a penchant for the male in art. A varied and wide range of artists, not only from Europe but also from Canada, the United States and even the Russian Federation. The calendar is published with text in English, French, German and Dutch. The compilation, production and publication are in the hands of Galerie MooiMan, the only gallery in Northern Europe with the male as a central theme, as well as publisher of its own art books.

For this edition, a series of photographic details of male chests is displayed on the cover. Publishers Sandro Kortekaas and Jan van Stralen from gallery MooiMan explain: “The chest is a striking part of the male body. Only a part of it is enough to tell you something about your physique, your age, and even about your health. They are either small, large, hairy or not, young or old, muscular or the opposite. Showing how hairy you are, how thin, or that you’re proud of your girth. All with its own charm. However, it is only some of what is on offer in this edition of ‘Your Daily Male.’ This year again with a big thank you to the fifty-two participating artists.”

In front of the gallery owners and compilers of “Your Daily Male” lies a thousand gram heavy and almost five centimeters thick, colorful volume. “This is the third edition, and this year we did the selection in record time. We are also the designers of the product, so besides printing, we do almost everything ourselves. Each time, it is not only very inspiring to select from an enormously varied range of high-quality art, but we also manage to involve some new artists every year. This means that the tear-off is getting more widely known. Outside of the Netherlands, the system of a tear-off calendar is less of a household name, and bookshops and museums are therefore still reluctant.

For example, Gay’s The Word, London’s gay bookstore, was convinced that there would be no interest in it and did not order it for two years. While visiting London, we gave some copies to the bookshop. They were truly amazed by their customer’s interest in it and promptly placed an order within a week.”

“But to think up and create a product is not the same as getting it sold. Many think the calendar too expensive, until we explain it is printed in a small, limited print run of only 1,000, and also in full color. Most tear-off calendars are in black-and-white and often released in huge quantities, which significantly lowers the price. If that’s not enough, we also tell them that besides the surprise of a new man every day, this comes down to only nine cents a day...,” both men inform us with a smile.

“We know that we are operating in a niche market with a high-quality product. As pink entrepreneurs, you sometimes have to be a little crazy and take some risks. The best thing we heard about getting a queer product on the market was the slogan ‘Steunt elkaar, koopt homo-waar’ (Support each other, buy gay merchandise), based on a socialist slogan from the 1930s. It is something that still holds true for our queer community.

To appreciate each other, wherever that interest should lie. Why do we see that ‘The Advocate,’ America’s largest gay platform, highly praises ‘Your Daily Male’ for the third consecutive year, but that some Dutch gay media don’t write about it at all. That is not only surprising, but also disturbing. Our community is not that big, and editors should pick it up. That is why it is good that some Dutch-language media are paying attention to it. However, editors of major newspapers should also write about this when they present an annual overview of best calendars. Despite of the fact that at art fairs the calendar is mainly purchased by women, we do not yet get that broad media attention. We realize that ‘Your Daily Male’ is more than just a nice tear-off calendar, and this says something about how society views and judges the male in art, perhaps subconsciously condemning it. All in all, it does not mean that 2018 won’t be a wonderful year. A year with 365 days of male art.”

Spotlight on Some Artists

Seva Galkin, Russia

“I am inspired by pictures from Instagram made by ordinary users. For me it is a source of fresh ideas for creativity. I have no universal recipes how to make a good photo. My only tools are the click of the camera and light. For me any shooting is an exchange of energy. And if while working I feel like fireworks are going off, the result is sure to be exciting!”

“I think to create men’s photos it is important to feel attraction to males. I need to have sincere interest in the model and in the result of my work. An artist’s duty is to show the beauty of a human body and oppose it to the madness going on around us. The purpose of my work is to observe and show the beauty.”

From Seva Galkin just recently his book “G-Male - Naked Dreams” has been published, for sale at the gallery.

Arak Edge, United Kingdom

Arak Edge, model and photographer living in the United Kingdom. Besides magazines who publish his photo’s in which he is theme, social media (Facebook and Instagram) are an important medium to him to express himself to his followers. Many of these daily life photos are taken by his partner, also a photographer.

Daniel Barkley, Canada

The human figure features prominently in Daniel Barkley’s works and, although they may be viewed as portraits, Barkley’s paintings also allude to myths, legends and to the history of art. The tension between the intimate portrait and the theatrical presentation of stories that present “truths” about the human condition is a principal characteristic of his work. His figures offer the viewer a singular glimpse into a universe in which real people and fictional characters co-exist.

David Trullo, Spain

David Trullo is a visual artist based in Madrid. He has had numerous exhibitions both in his own country and all over Europe and the Americas. He has participated in art fairs and festivals such as ARCO, Estampa and PhotoEspaña in Spain and Art Miami and The Armory Show in the USA. His latest solo exhibition was at Museo Lázaro Galdiano and Museo de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, 2017.

Trullo’s photographic and ceramic artworks deal with the iconographical representation of beauty and the different levels attached to representation, context, reproduction and distribution of images. In all of his photographic work there is a connection with history, with the culture and belief of the Western world, where subjects such as prejudice, intolerance, religion, gender, desire or pain look into the past with a contemporary eye.

“Your Daily Male” can be bought at the gallery, at the Schwules Museum Berlin and various bookshops in the Netherlands and Europe. It is also available at the First Art Fair, January 17-21 2018, Passengers Terminal, Amsterdam.



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