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Sunday 17 Feb
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Letter from Brussels: ‘Homosexuality is worse than murder’

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 26 april 2017

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

A remarkable and somewhat painful incident on March 10 in Tongeren’s criminal court. The twenty-three-year-old Abdullah Essah stood trial for the murder of the fifty-year-old gay man Erik Janssen. Janssen supposedly had paid Abdullah for sex, but when Janssen said he would make Abdullah’s homosexuality public, he apparently went nuts.

At least according to his statements, the victim can no longer confirm or deny this. Erik Janssen was brutally murdered, for which Abdullah stood trial. When the president of the Court asked Abdullah’s mother if she knew he was gay, she replied: “If he is gay, he is no longer my son. It is even worse than killing a man. If I had known, I would have kicked him out of the house.”

That homosexuality could be worse than murder again shows that there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to general acceptance. Whether the woman was tackled by the Court about her statement was not mentioned in the media. Probably not, as the defence lawyers will probably accuse the Court of partiality or bias.

Apparently it is easy to make homophobic statements in Belgium (and outside of the country) and get away with it. The semantic interpretation of the freedom of expression - or read: the broad interpretation of it in terms of how convenient it is for those making the statement - is symptomatic for those in government who want to appear politically correct. Those who want to address the mother of the perpetrator would probably be dismissed as Islamophobic.

That Islam is not kind to homosexuals is clear. The same goes for Christianity and a number of other religions. Procreation is the ultimate goal of almost all religions, and those who are different are a danger to the continuity of a religion. It is frightening that globally, still so many people cling to their faith so strongly, even though there is no evidence that God or the Prophet existed or exists. Pure demagoguery.

As long as we do not diminish the terrible influence of religion with regards to the acceptance of homosexuality in our society, we will not succeed in our crusade (my apologies for the Catholic word). The continuous attacks from Rome or the homophobic statements that are inspired by Islam must be fought with all means necessary.

The gay lobby should finally focus on the defenders and the authorities of those religions that do not want the best for our GLBT community. They are our enemies. The followers who rely on their religion to reject homosexuality are the small potatoes. Addressing them in Court for their homophobic statements will bring no solace. Distributing press releases as a gay interest group because a soccer player again said something about gay people that is not so nice will not change the situation. Those who believe that, are simply in denial. Or is just too stupid or naive. For years now, I have been publishing overviews of homophobic statements in Flanders, and no one has ever been convicted for them.

Belgian politics is also in league with religion. Too many Belgian politicians need the benediction of a Catholic bishop to get votes, while other politicians are afraid to be critical of the Islam community because of their votes. That is how the current political dynamics work in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and in many other countries in the world. High time not only to pierce through but fight those dynamics. Our fight has yet to start, whatever the current gay lobbyists may claim to have gained. I see very little of that in daily life. Certainly not in Tongeren.

Yours sincerely,

De Ket



In the New Issue of Gay News, 331, maart 2019

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