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Friday 22 Feb
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A New Man Every Day: ‘Your Daily Male’ 2017 is Out and Proud

by our Editors in Theatre, Art & Expo , 27 november 2016

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

For the second time, Gallery MooiMan male-art published the only tear-off calendar in the world with the male as the central theme. What began last year as a continuation of a long tradition of calendars (“Flikkeragenda” and “Homogenda”) has attained the character of a collectable. Especially since in 2016, the calendar was included in two museum collections, one in Berlin and one in New York City.

In Amsterdam the 2017 edition of this male-art calendar was launched at the Affordable Art Fair on October 26.

Take a look at the few remaining gay bookstores to see what the current calendar offer is: beefy men stunningly captured, attractive and well-selling, both young and old, with or without beards, bears and, yes, even priests. But does this say anything about the culture of gay art or art about men? The second “Your Daily Male” has again managed to show a wide and varied palette of fifty-two international artists. From experimental to figurative painting, from studio photography to breath-taking landscape photography, horny graphics, and many variations on sculptures, for which even Dublo males with the aura of innocent children are enthusiastic “gay role models.” Like this, not a boring day goes by.

The Netherlands: Tear-off Calendar Country
Traditionally, the Netherlands is a tear-off calendar making country. A classic example is the “Bescheurkalender” by comic duo Van Kooten and De Bie (published 1972-1986). The “Fokke and Sukke” tear-off calendar(since 2007) has the traditional form of a tear-off calendar that has a calendar cover shield and a daily illustration with the date, making it clear at a glance what day and month it is. The oldest, still published calendar (since 1914) is by the Reformed Mission League called “Een handvol Koren.” “Your Daily Male” has that missionary zeal as well, in a totally different way. This is clear at a glance.

Remarkable is that in 2015, the Kröller-Müller Museum won the newly introduced Museum Education Award for a digital tear-off calendar called “Daily Art.” This digital tear-off calendar is an innovative application for the digital blackboard, developed with the municipality Ede and local primary schools in order to connect art with (local) history. But is that enough reason to call it a “tear-off” calendar? Hardly. However, the printed tear-off calendar is here to stay. A search on book giant shows a lot of diversity, from “De Fietsscheurkalender,” the spiritual Happinez tear-off calendar, a Sudoku tear-off calendar, calendars for sports, dummies, politics, in Frisian, and so on. However, many of these relatively inexpensive calendars are in black-and-white and released in high quantities. With “Your Daily Male,” the price difference is in the special and unique quality: entirely printed in full-color and in a relatively small print-run.

2016: Part of Two Museum Collections

To bring a new product on the niche market of gay publications is not easy. However, “Your Daily Male” was an international success, bringing a smile to everyone’s face. It is remarkable that immediately in 2016, the publishers were able to get the calendar at two internationally famous museums - the Schwules Museum in Berlin, and the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York. Not only did it thus become an international product that is dovetailing with the market and exhibition policies of these museums, but the calendar is of such quality that it was also included in their collections.

2017: From Activism to Playmobil

With works by fifty-two international artists, this edition not only shows a new man every day, but also a different artist every week. As Gallery MooiMan gets a wider range of work on offer than it can show in the gallery, the calendar has become an additional stage for different but also new artists. Because of their cultural background and the homophobic nature of their surroundings, some artists in “Your Daily Male” can bring their work to the attention to a wider audience, with the benefit of increasing media attention. An example is the Russian artist and activist Demir Demir(ov). But also Kevin Peterson, who enthusiastically participated in 2016 with beautiful watercolors, but has died unexpectedly. In collaboration with his partner, there is a special week as a tribute to him. New, original and surprising is also SvendA, finally showcasing Denmark as a country with gay artists, creating a shift on Scandinavian countries. In 2017 his work can be seen in the exhibition “Play with me.” In this article, we introduce some artists who make this edition extra special.

Your Daily Male 2017: The Cover
Last year portraits - often details of bigger works - were theme for the cover of the first “Your Daily Male.” This year’s it are hands which make the cover. Hands can be significant. A firm handshake, a limp hand, a waving hand, a tender hand. Every gesture of hands tells something about your state of mind. To hold something in your hands, or even loose, soft tenderness, thoughtfulness, radiating strength, or even showing embarrassment. Joining hands. In many of the works in this second edition of “Your Daily Male” hands are an important part. In photography they appear as reality, in drawing and painting, it is the interpretation of the artist. Often hands (and feet) are seen as the most difficult parts of the human body. But the very beautiful hands, in addition to all the other beautiful works of art, are worth special attention. Enjoy each day of “something beautiful with men.”
Russian Homophobia and HIV by Demir Demir(ov), Russia

Demir Demir(ov) is an openly gay artist living in Russia, participating in the fight with the HIV epidemic in this country. His personal experience with the negative effects of homophobia became the source of his artistic researches. He is convinced that the failure to embrace oneself as gay is another obstacle on the path to personal happiness, and in a society with a high degree of homophobia this is a condition for the spread of HIV in the gay population. “Inner Light” is the series of his art works about overcoming internal homophobia, the understanding of oneself as gay. During a year he interviewed different guys about themselves, about their understanding of their sexuality, about their memories of the time when they first told themselves: “I am gay.” He transferred his impressions from these stories on kraft-paper, the most simple paper, which is unable to alienate the viewer. His desire was not to affect the retelling of these personal stories by complex colors and shapes, leaving it to the viewer to process the “information.” Simplicity, two-tone sketch-art and symbolism leave the viewer space for reflection and a continuing dialogue with the storyteller without the presence of the artist.

Gay Toy Fantasies by SvendA, Denmark
The controversial artist SvendA from Denmark got a lot of media attention when he painted Hitler as a cute Dublo toy figure. In his recent paintings SvendA is working again with toys, but unlike the previous series he has this time chosen characters as they appear today. With this series his focus is on the gay community in a new branch of his series “toys.” His idea is to make something from the children’s universe, which is not really for children, like the picture of the two toy figures having sex in a park. He likes to put these “bad guys” and fun and mischievous types into the children’s world, so you almost get to keep them. This series looks like tourist images of theme parks, places where reality is distorted a bit. At first glance the images appear innocent but they are probably not... In 2017 SvendA’s works will be shown during the exhibition “Play With Me” at MooiMan male art gallery.

Dancing with Movement by Kevin E. Peterson, a Tribute

For the second time the artworks of Kevin Peterson are part of “Your Daily Male.” Kevin Peterson was a master watercolor painter from Key West, Florida. He painted with bold color and achieved brilliant depth and sophisticated richness with his use of multiple layers of pigment. His artwork has been on the cover of “Art of Man,” an international art magazine, as well as on the cover of an “Art of Man” compilation book. His work has also been published in several international art books. Unfortunately Kevin Peterson passed away a year ago on April 4, 2015 after a short illness. His husband Jeff Beck is taking care of the artworks of his estate. Special for him in this year’s edition there is a tribute week included.

“Your Daily Male” is a production of MooiMan male-art gallery, The Netherlands. For sale at the gallery, in the webshop of the gallery and at several gay and lesbian bookstores in Europe, the Schwules Museum in Berlin and the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York.,




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