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Gay News : Publications : Issue 297 : Letter from Brussels: Gay Lobby or Lodge - There Is Still A Lot Of Work To De Do

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Letter from Brussels: Gay Lobby or Lodge - There Is Still A Lot Of Work To De Do

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 22 mei 2016

Dear Neighbors to the North, The French investigative journalist Sophie Coignard knows how to set about her work. Few investigative journalist dig so deep in an attempt to discover the truth. Fascinated by various (state) secrets and the dark powers that be, she published her most successful book “Un état dans l’état” (A State within the State) in 2009.

In this book, she describes with almost surgical details how the most important government institutions in France are infiltrated by Freemasons. For some, this “lodge” is a hobby club with medieval rituals, but others are convinced that their only intent is to become more powerful, so that their “brothers and sisters on the square” can help each other and influence the political, economic and judicial landscape.

In her book on the Freemasons, Sophie Coignard has long conversations with famous French Freemasons who had to keep the fact that they are a member of this select group a secret. According to their pledge of secrecy, the brothers and sisters can out themselves as member, but it is strictly forbidden to out other brothers and sisters. The elaborate interviews with members were often about their “power” and “influence” on all sections of society.

Sophie Coignard wondered if their “power” and “influence” are truly as big as both the left and right wing claim. She asked every interviewee that very same question. They kept things to themselves, of course, and most put this “power” and “influence” into perspective. They often said that the “gay lobby is much more powerful and influential than the Freemasons.” Not just one, but quite a lot of eminent French Freemason members insisted that the gay lobby is the only lobby to be found in all levels of society, and that “they fight their battle for equal rights and against GLBT discrimination there.”

These answers and insinuations from 2009 need to be put into perspective, as anyone following recent events knows that in recent years, extremism against GLBTs has only been on the rise. As devout Catholics, the state of Mississippi has voted in favor of a law allowing discrimination against GLBTs if their sexuality is contrary to their religious beliefs.

If the gay lobby is so much more powerful and influential than the Freemasons, the rights of GLBTs would not be under pressure. This also means that the Freemasons in terms of power and influence are “just” an amateurish hobby club, and that the lobby of gay activists is an amateurish hobby club with a limp handshake.

How did we get to the point that gay activists, who have achieved so much, focused mostly on partnerships and make same-sex marriage legal, completely forgetting that so many people still are terribly homophobic. They keep uniting with might to fulminate against the GLBT community. In the USA, but also closer to home in France, several very “dangerous” organizations and individuals are active in that field.

It is high time that gay activism leaves the judicial battleground behind and concentrates on those harmful individuals and organizations that want to turn back time. It is time that gay activists translate their often diplomatic and conciliatory speak into tough and concrete action.

It is pointless to advocate “more tolerance and less discrimination” as an interest group if our opponents chose extreme measures. This fuzzy approach and nature of gay interest groups may have achieved a lot, but as it stands now, it is one step forward, two steps back.

It’s time for a real gay lobby / lodge. One with real balls. Those who are interested can contact me via the editors of Gay News.

Yours sincerely,

De Ket

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Letter from Brussels: Gay Lobby or Lodge - There Is Still A Lot Of Work To De Do


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