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Friday 22 Jun
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Fourteenth EuroSongTravestival: Ultimate Hilarity

by our Editors in Media & entertainment , 03 mei 2016

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

It is nearly that time of the year again. Half of Europe is under the spell of the Eurovision Song Contest, in Stockholm this time and starting on May 10. Will our Dutch Douwe Bob make it to the final with “Slow Down” or will Europe prefer a song in the “speed-up” category? Meanwhile, Song Contest loving Amsterdam is getting ready for its very own version of this battle. The “EuroSongTravestival” will be held on May 8 in the Winston Kingdom for the fourteenth consecutive year.

This hilarious event showcases contestants from countries such as Travestibet, Norgay, Jurkije, Trammelant, and Fantasialand.
Koos van den Berg is the organizer of this counterpart of the Eurovision Song Contest. During the show, he will become Coco Coquette and co-hosts with Mario Magic. “This year’s edition promises to be a wonderful evening crammed with delightful Song Contest entries. True to tradition, we open the show with our own version of ‘Un-Deux-Trois’ from 1976. We are looking forward to the first ever participation of YooHookraine, so we expect a high attendance!”

A Motley Crew

The participants are a motley crew, with younger candidates and veterans giving their best. They will amaze the audience with a choice from over sixty years of Song Contest history and hysteria, with: Dolly Wood, Pia Vapeur, Kiki Boops, Marlene XL, Molly Strychnine, Rachèl BeauJolie and Dora Royale, among others. “They all sing live, and that is unique in drag shows, in which playback plays first fiddle. I don’t mind playback at all, but I do prefer the real thing. Out of tune is also fitting. A corner of the veil? Molly Strychnine parodies Trijntje Oosterhuis, and Pia Douwesboblijn brings a Dutch version of ‘Slow Down’! As hilarious as it gets,” the initiator says with a big smile. “But it is more than just a laugh. Some of the contestant even took singing lessons! We offer more than just female singers. A male duo has also registered: The Poppers. I think they will do the Olson Brothers, but it could also be the Herrey’s (‘Diggi Loo - Diggi Ley’ from 1984). They are still discussing it. Our contest can be interpreted in the broadest sense, so men are also allowed. Otherwise, the songs by men would never get a chance!”

Three Criteria

The audience also has a vote in deciding who is going to win. Van den Berg: “Besides the jury with celebrity Eileen Way-Back and last year’s winner Victoria False, the audience also has a vote. There are three criteria: choice of song, the look, and the X factor. They will be awarded points for these criteria. Or, in simpler terms - ‘see,’ ‘hear,’ and ‘feel.’

The points are added up at the end of the evening, and a winner will be announced. The winner(s) will perform the winning song once again. Everyone is welcome at this colorful event full of humor. It is almost the same as the real Song Contest, but more fun!”

The “EuroSongTravestival”
Sunday, May 8, from 19:00 onwards at
Winston Kingdom, Warmoesstraat 131, Amsterdam.
Tickets Eur. 15,  presale at Gays&Gadgets, Spuistraat 44, Amsterdam

Photos by Michael Kooren



In the New Issue of Gay News, 322, June 2018

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