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Gay News : Publications : Issue 292 : Gay Hostility in Kennemerland: Incident Becomes Trend

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Gay Hostility in Kennemerland: Incident Becomes Trend

by our Editors in General , 23 december 2015

The general feeling of safety among lesbian women, homosexual men and bisexuals (LGBs) in the region Kennemerland in the Dutch province North-Holland seems quite stable. Yet one out of three LGB respondents in the Pink Panel Kennemerland personally was confronted with LGB hostility. This is a finding in the report ‘Incident wordt trend’ of Bureau Discriminatiezaken Kennemerland (Discriminatory Affairs Agency Kennemerland).

In the neighbourhood

Of the 135 respondents, 74% feel (relative) safe in her or his own neighbourhood. This is a decrease compared to last year. 16% does not feel so safe, and 5% feel (very) unsafe, to such an extent that this group cannot be open about sexual orientation.

Quote from the study: “In the past, people reacted aggressively when we were walking hand in hand. Because of that, we no longer do it.”

Of the 26 respondents of the Pink Panel that were confronted by unpleasant or threatening incidents in their own neighbourhood last year, 79 mentioned expressions that sometimes could be seen as a single incident. It concerned insulting remarks, swearing, plastering/destructions and threatening/violent/aggressive behaviour.

At work

In the past year, 15 out of 87 (17%) of employed respondents was confronted at work with unpleasant jokes or remarks about his or her sexual orientation. To the question as to what kind of remarks were made, jokes were mostly mentioned. “These remarks by colleagues were usually meant in a funny way. But it is a shame it is always about the same thing.” Or the remarks were about ‘your kind of people,’ or strange reactions to newspaper articles.

Six respondents added 14 expressions of discrimination. It mostly concerned:
- insulting comments made by colleagues;
- putting at a disadvantage/unequal treatment by management;
- ignoring, exclusion.

At work, the situation practically stayed the same in comparison with last year. In comparison with last year, about the same number of people (82%) is open about their gay or bisexual orientation.
Over the past three years, over 20 complaints on the basis of gay or bisexual orientation were submitted to Bureau Discriminatiezaken on a yearly basis. In 2014, the number was exactly 20.

About Pink Panel Kennemerland

Pink Panel is a digital survey panel of LGBs in Kennemerland. Since 2008, this annual survey by Bureau Discriminatiezaken is held in spring. The Pink Panel's aim is to map the perceived safety of LGBs and their own experiences with discrimination in Kennemerland. There are questions about safety in the neighbourhood, at work, in the public domain, and at sports clubs. Of the 135 respondents, 74 live in Haarlem, 9 in Zandvoort, 8 in Velsen, 8 in Heemskerk, 6 in Haarlemmermeer, and 6 in Beverwijk. The others live spread across the region.

To underline the urgency of the Pink Panel survey and come to representative results, the participation of more LGBs is required, even without negative experiences. Send an email for more information to:


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Gay Hostility in Kennemerland: Incident Becomes Trend


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In the New Issue of Gay News, 309, May 2017

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