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Your Daily Male 2016: Every day another man

by our Editors in Theatre, Art & Expo , 30 november 2015

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam saw the presentation of “Your Daily Male 2016”. “Your Daily Male” is a new gallery MooiMan male-art publication. What is the story behind this wonderful tear-off calendar full of male art?

“Your Daily Male,” that sounds great!
“Yes,” Sandro Kortekaas, who came up with the name, starts enthusiastically. “The name ‘Your Daily Male’ was there last year, but we wanted to see how we could manage the sale of this calendar. It is the first ever full-color male-art block-calendar in the world, and as gallery and publisher of books, marketing research prior to launch is important. It is an expensive product that has to be sold in a relatively short period of time, and is in its nature a different product than the timeless male art books we already make.”
“During the Maastricht Pink Saturday, we started promoting the product with the slogan ‘A new man for every new day.’ Who wouldn’t like that?,” Sandro explains with a wide smile. “A good product sticks better if it has an element of humor. It sounds like a sales gag, but in that respect ‘Your Daily Male’ is a very good name, especially for the international market we are also focusing on. ‘Your Daily Male’ is now also for sale at the Schwules Museum in Berlin and gay bookstores Prinz Eisenherz in Berlin and Erlkönig in Stuttgart.

After donating all our book productions to the library of the Schwules Museum last year, I asked them if the calendar could be sold in their renewed museum shop. ‘Absolutely,’ they said, because of the name and the concept behind it, they were interested in making it part of their sales collection immediately. It will also be for sale at the Leslie-Lohman Museum for Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, but we are also working on getting it in the collection of all the museum shops of larger museums in the Netherlands.”

How did the calendar come about?
“The calendar has a long history behind it, going back more than thirty years. We have been making the ‘Flikkeragenda’ (Faggot Calendar) for years, followed by the ‘Homogenda’. The editorial staff of the ‘Flikkeragenda,’ a true emancipatory medium in the 1970s, consisted solely of volunteers and was switching base between Groningen and Nijmegen. The editorial staff of the ‘Flikkeragenda’ collected both images and text, including by well-known names such as Erwin Olaf and Jan Wolkers, who published his first poetry in this calendar. As designers, we created an appropriate theme for the calendar each year in turns. Traditionally at Pink Saturday, we would present the new ‘Flikkeragenda.’ After it had been published as the ‘MM/VV Calendar’ in Nijmegen one last time, it all ended.

We, my partner Jan van Stralen and I, published the ‘Homogenda’ after two years of living without a calendar with the male as a theme. Under this new name, the diary was largely compiled by Jan. The content of the calendar and the choice of artists came about through collaboration with a number of European galleries showing male art. With this cooperation, the ‘Homogenda’ quickly became a calendar with an international character and market. But the artists represented by Gallery MooiMan, their own platform in the Netherlands, were also included in these beautifully designed booklets. The last issue however was no match for the competition of the mobile calendar. Interest and sales decreased so dramatically, that it was decided it would be discontinued after ten years.”

But why a tear-off calendar now?
“There are a number of reasons. Integral part of our gallery is being visible with a theme we call ‘male-art.’ It stands for the (gay) male in art, and we do not just do that in the gallery with exhibitions, but also outside the gallery. During Gay Pride and later on at EuroPride in Amsterdam, or at the Midzomergrachtfestival in Utrecht, but also at Pink Saturday. Because of our visibility, we get a lot of request from artists for an exhibition at our gallery, and more request than we can handle. This also proves that a gallery focusing on male art is not possible all over the world. This can also be read in the foreword, in which we explain how male art goes hand-in-hand with gay emancipation around the world.

Hence, ‘Your Daily Male’ creates an extra podium for a lot of artists. The calendar also has a strongly emancipatory effect as it is now available in a large number of bookstores in the Netherlands next to other black-and-white tear-off calendars. But with a major difference, as ‘Your Daily Male’ is completely in color, with every page in a color dovetailing with the artwork shown. A four centimeter thick book-block in A5 weighing more than a kilo with just men. Yes, we are quite proud of that.”

How was “Your Daily Male” compiled?
“We did not give it a theme, like for instance the German year book ‘Mein Schwules Auge.’ Our goal was to make a product that was not on the market yet: a full-color male art block-calendar with a new artist for every week. The total number came to forty-nine, from the Russian Federation, Europe, the USA, Canada, and even South-America. With one artist a week, you really get a good impression of the work of an artist.”
How will “Your Daily Male” be promoted?
“At the Affordable Art Fair, recently held in Amsterdam, we launched ‘Your Daily Male.’ Originally we asked Cornald Maas, presenter of AVRO’s art program ‘Opium’ for the kick-off. He was not available, but did send a wonderful short Twitter message as a review: ‘Stout calendar on the doormat. Male and art – for enthusiasts @galerieMooiman.’ Of course that is wonderful, although I wonder how big his letterbox is...

We also photograph famous and regular Dutch people with their favourite artists and pages from the calendar, and put that photo on the Facebook page of ‘Your Daily Male.’ Those photos are shared a lot. We are slowly building a community that appreciates ‘Your Daily Male’ and will enjoy it for a whole year. At the upcoming exhibitions in the gallery, over sixty works of thirty-six artists who were involved in the project will be shown.”
Where can we buy the calendar?
“‘Your Daily Male’ can be bought at the gallery or ordered via the website. In Amsterdam, ‘Your Daily Male’ is available at bookstore Vrolijk, Scheltema, PinkPoint (next to the gay monument), Gays & Gadgets, and De Bronx. Up-to-date sale outlets can also be found on our website.”


“Your Daily Male 2016,” forty-nine international artists,
366 pages full-color male artworks
€ 32.50 (€ 40.00 incl. shipping within the Netherlands),




In the New Issue of Gay News, 331, maart 2019

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