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Wednesday 23 May
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Letter from Brussels: Catholic Terror

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 30 september 2015

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Dear Neighbors to the North, American county clerk Kim Davis is still in jail at the time this column is going to press. She was sent to jail because of her continuous refusal to process marriage licenses by same-sex couples leading up to their wedding. It’s contrary to her Catholic beliefs.

Legally she is not in jail because she refused to process those licenses, but because she “insulted” the court by not processing them after the same judged convicted her in August. Judge Bunning, who is from a very conservative background and may be unwilling when it comes to gay rights, is being described by lawyers and judges as a dutiful person who strictly applies the law. Even when it goes against his own personal beliefs. In the past, judge Bunning has been on the side of the gays, but only “because the law was on their side,” according to some insiders. In an interview with a newspaper, the mother of the judge leaked that “he did not agree with the arrest by the Supreme Court that put a stop to the ban of gay marriages.” She did not mention whether this was because of legal reasons, or whether religious beliefs had anything to do with it.

In times when extreme Muslim terrorism is around every corner, the trend of extreme Catholicism is still expanding in the USA. Kim Davis is a good example of this. Supported by her faith community, most certainly financial as well, Davis has become the spokeswoman of extreme Catholicism that is having poisonous effects on American society. Their fight against abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage is only verbal, but it is already “terrorizing.” How long will it be before a psycho will use weapons in the fight against unbelievers in the name of God?  

History teaches us that Catholic terror can be just as bad as Muslim fundamentalism. The crusades were no picnic. The argument that the crusades have been behind us for hundreds of years, and that Catholicism cannot be compared to this, is only partly true. It is not because their weapons are not as bloody, words and actions can also terrorize and cause wounds. Or make people do horrible things.

The American Catholic terror is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The landscape of Christian faith in the USA is a mosaic of sometimes very small, but also medium-sized faith communities. The Mormon Church, known for its many missionaries with name tags, are against alcohol and because of this, restaurants in their “capitol” Salt Lake City are not allowed to sell alcohol unless a customer orders and uses a meal. So before anyone questions the ban on alcohol in Saudi-Arabia, they should get a taste of the USA.

And those who think that the Westboro Baptist Church is the exception as a very small and homophobic faith community in the USA, didn’t see the light. The USA is full of small faith communities that want to put homosexuals in the pillory. Their tactics do not include public controversy, like Westboro, but they use intimidation, discrimination and psychological terror.

Next year, the Americans will elect a new president. Already, eminent political analysts think that these elections may not be about domestic or foreign themes, but about gay marriage and which presidential candidate does not believe in God and who does. This is normal in a country in which “God bless America” is bandied about to end speeches and discussions. The USA is a country in which the discriminatory separation between white and black is shifting towards a new form of discrimination - unbelievers versus (Catholic) believers. Catholic terror is only starting to shoot out of the starting blocks.

And for those who did not know it yet: the United States is NOT the Greatest Country in the World. Our more intelligent readers may have been aware of this for a while.

Yours sincerely,

De Ket



In the New Issue of Gay News, 322, June 2018

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