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Wednesday 21 Nov
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Fetish: Hot for Adidas

by Michael Junker in Lifestyle & Fashion , 10 januari 2015

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

It is a platitude: porn is “in the eye of the beholder.” For me, certain Adidas apparel is porn, with or without content. This content preferably consists of attractive young men, and I prefer smooth and shiny apparel. Adidas offers much variation, and apart from the shorts and shirts that have a nice shine, there are two types of outfits I find exciting: the Chiles serving the lower end of the market, for example for the Surinamese and Moroccans.

They have the reputation of being common. And the Superstars who do not only attract that crowd, but also alternative youth and sometimes people like me. Those Superstars have been on the market for a long time, and can be bought first and second hand. For the Chiles, you are dependent on Footlocker, remainders and second hand items on Ebay. They are also available on Marktplaats, but those are usually fakes from China. Even though these outfits are smoother and shinier, I only like them so-so.  

As you probably know, desire comes in waves. Long ago, I wanted satin shorts, but not from Adidas. And shorts became pants. This changed when my nephew taught me that Adidas stood for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” Words can be so important for lust, and so was this remark. That was fifteen years ago, and shortly thereafter I became hooked on Adidas, and haven’t recovered. Recently, it has become more Chile than Superstar - the commonness of Chile is hotter than the elegance of Superstar. And Chile is shinier and smoother.

Obscene Satin  

Why did I start loving sportswear? If I describe this love in my own words now, I would say that in my youth, the boys in their shiny shorts and colorful shirts were the opposite of what boys in their daily gear had to represent. That was boring cotton or corduroy, and certainly not obscene satin; colorful blouses were also not done. In this dusty village I’m from, the Christians were not allowed to play football on Sundays. It was time for church.

And precisely these “heathen” boys were allowed go the soccer field on this day of rest, to run a sweat and kick a ball in their colorful satin shirts and soccer shorts. I wanted that too. It was the contrast between a brave and lame masculinity in everyday clothes, and the horniness of what those footballers did and wore. I bought white satin shorts, and discovered that the shining and smoothness of the shorts, and the dreams they gave my, were very satisfying sexually. After these first shorts, many followed in all colors and sizes, and boys in satin have totally aroused me ever since.  

Just as with books, it takes time to buy fetish clothes in the store or on the Internet. That first time I certainly lingered, just as my first time in front of a gay bar. The familiar turning and trying (at least in a store), the hesitation to buy or not to buy, to do it anyway, and be very happy and satisfied, or vice versa, disappointed that the material does not offer what it promised. But on the whole, I’m getting the hang of it through experience. Doubt and shame hardly play a role in stores. The purchasing means a milestone: from something that is coveted to something that is now owned.

Glowing in the Sunlight

With buying on the Internet, there is the extra waiting period; from a confirmed sale to the arrival of the object. Both buying and receiving are exciting. When ordering on the Internet, these two moments may take some time, in a store it’s done in the blink of an eye. Stores on their part have the advantage that you can study and feel the product, and doubt the purchase. I used to come when buying on Ebay, and again when the products arrived (trousers are more important than jackets; without trousers there is no real excitement; a complete outfit makes it somewhat hornier). And when it comes to desire: the longer you own these fetish clothes, the less hot they become. It is like being with a woman or a man.  

You hardly buy the same thing, but mostly variations on a theme - garments you do not really need, as you have plenty of them in your wardrobe. In stores, usually there is not much variation. One or two models per season if you’re lucky, and the products also need to please you when it comes to color and other elements. I don’t really need Adidas written on these garments, especially enlarged. That is just too common. But as always, that is also the problem; the more you turn something down, the more exciting it gets.  

It can be very important to me seeing boys walking around in certain outfits, making me want to buy more. Once, I did not buy a piece of clothing, but saw a youth wearing it. I rushed to the store to buy it, but it was sold out, after which I searched the Internet for a long time. I saw a strolling Spanish young man once, wearing Adidas shorts in the sunlight (it glows at its best then) and my breath stopped short. And I saw him again! Tourists always walk around in circles where I live, and because I knew those pants were on sale, I was on my way to the store. Then I saw him again up close; discretely watching turned into cautiously feeling. Unfortunately, in the shop they were no longer available. But this quest had a happy ending; the pants were still available in a depot in Grenoble at a reduced price, and arrived two days later.

Stable Boys and Their Cruelties   

This spring, I was looking for a black Chile vest with black stripes and a hood, also seen on the street. Without hood and with stripes in various colors I already owned, with several colored jackets, but not in this model. When searching on Ebay, I came across some pictures of what I was looking for: a vest with ditto pants. A German boy was offering such an outfit with what apparently was a picture of himself in the ensemble, with his eyes covered. Most clothes are displayed on the Internet without fuss, on a bare floor or a colorless bed, hung on a hanger in a vacuum, at the most draped on a plastic doll, but rarely with a person wearing it.

Clothing worn by someone, especially if that person has an attractive quality, increases desire. The picture of the boy in that Adidas suit excited me from that moment on. Our conversation started with the question if it could also be sold to The Netherlands (often there are limitations as to where things can be sold to on Ebay). Yes, he did sell to The Netherlands, but he was not able to change the settings for me to bid. I suggested that a friend should do the bidding for me, and offered sixty Euros. Somehow, however, he wasn’t able to accept my bit, and the outfit went to someone else for fifty Euros. You get used to this kind of disappointment quickly, but this particular one was annoying, as I had let my imagination run wild on the clothes and the boy. I found out that the boy was from a farming village in the German lowlands, which triggered images of farms, pig houses, stable boys and their cruelties. Before the end of the bidding, I was attending a leather weekend in the snow in Antwerp, but the Chile suit and the seller were preoccupying me more than this party.  

The bidding unfortunately did not work out, but the next day the young man sent me a message that the highest bidder had changed his mind, and asked me if I still wanted to purchase the suit for sixty Euros. Yes, of course! Then the long wait began. After a week, the suit still hadn’t arrived, but he did send a message that he had been ill and would send it out “tomorrow.” When I asked him a week later why it still wasn’t here, he was still sick and promised to send it “this weekend.” My loved one fed my despair by teasing me, saying it would never arrive. The selling young man used a name that didn’t promise much good. Perhaps he was a con man? Fortunately in evaluations I read that the seller was rather slow with shipments. He messaged me that he really would send it, and offered me a five Euro discount because I had had to wait so long. To my unprecedented delight, it did arrive after waiting for a month, which only lifted my excitement to new heights.

Imaginary Encounters  

What made all this fuss so attractive? There were, of course, these fantasies about him and others in that and other Adidas outfits, in various situations. To me, those clothes are horny because they are smooth and shiny, but what about the guy in the outfit? To walk around in his clothes is nice, but if they are from Ebay, they are clean, so without his scents and stains, which would have made it even more enjoyable. Do I want that boy by walking around in his outfit, or am I trying to be young like an old fart? I don’t think I want to be that boy, but I also don’t want to be young again by wearing that outfit. Both ideas are hopeless. In my fantasies about this concrete boy (but as people probably know, images get blurred as the moment of satisfaction approaches), he mostly was a factotum of my imagination: the farm boy in his glitter outfit, both his and mine, triggering all sorts of storylines. I may have become a little like him, but what he truly was, I have no idea.

Maybe he was the coveted go-between in sexual transactions. This way, the distinction between object and subject disappeared somewhat, as is the deal with fetishes. When someone wears such an outfit, there is always identification and often sexual desire that becomes buyer response. I wasn’t fantasizing about having sex with him, neither in those outfits nor about being brothers in apparel. I’m familiar with the idea, but with him, I only wondered who would be on top. And there are different sexual roles in which it is hard to wear the same outfit. There needs to be a distinction, also look-wise. Incestuous brotherly love is often too much of the same for me, in sex there should be a difference. But here too, it wasn’t clear who was going to wear which outfit in imaginary encounters. Oh well, in the end, they are mostly fantasies that never become reality.  

The commonness of the outfit has something obscene I find attractive. It better suits the Nieuwendijk or the Bijlmer, and certain ethnic groups than a true German farmer’s son, who might have sold the outfit because he was afraid to wear it. He reminded me of myself in his wavering, and these thoughts made me go soft. The potential of such images and outfit is endless in the imagination. I was looking forward to the purchase for two weeks, to its arrival for a month, and I wore the outfit daily for at least another month. It has given me enormous pleasure, and was the greatest success of all the Adidas outfits I bought so far. But tomorrow, there probably will be new temptation, as desire is subject to change.



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