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Wednesday 12 Dec
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Fact sheet Movisie Dispels Preconceptions Pink Family

by our Editors in Lifestyle & Fashion , 23 december 2014

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Professionals are sometimes worried about the development of children of LGBT's. However, research shows that the welfare of children from 'pink families' is at the same level, or sometimes even on a higher level than the welfare of their peers.

The results from research that dispel prejudices against pink families are now combined in the handbook Roze Ouderschap (Pink Parenthood), a new fact sheet by Movisie. The author Hanneke Felten: “Now that an increasing number of people are fulfilling their desire to have children in a non-traditional way, it is important that preconceptions about this group should cease to exist.”

Male, female, gay or straight? It doesn't matter! Both national and international studies show that the emotional and behavioural development of children from pink families hardly differs from the development of children from 'traditional' parenting. This is also true for their intelligence and the development of children's gender role.

Hanneke Felten: "It is striking that all those studies seem to show that boys do not need a male role model at all to become a healthy man. It is about the quality of parenting, and whether the parent is male, female, gay or straight is not relevant."

Are children from pink families happier?

Research from Dr. Henny Bos, among others, also shows that young people with two mothers have less social and psychological problems than their peers. And the parent-child relationship with lesbian mothers who did not give birth to the child is better than with fathers in female-male relationships.

Felten: "One of the explanations is that you don't become a pink parent overnight." It is never an accident. Children of pink parents are therefore more wanted."

Uncertainty about parenting skills

Pink parents have to deal with negative prejudice by others, and that does have an effect on them. Homosexual fathers feel more insecure and less competent than other fathers.

Felten: “Professionals can support pink families to increase their defence against discrimination. It is important, for example, that they themselves do not parent with the assumption that one parent is more the father, and the other one more the mother. Usually, they are more flexible with tasks, and tasks are divided more equally in pink families."

Tips for professionals indispensable

Professionals who give support to parents and children, often have questions about pink parenting: 'How can homosexual men and transgenders have children? What are the consequences for parenthood? These and other questions are answered in the new guideline Roze Ouderschap (Pink Parenthood).

Author Hanneke Felten: "As it has now become easier for lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders to have children, scientific knowledge and practical tips for councillors of pink families are indispensable."



In the New Issue of Gay News, 328, December 2018

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