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Monday 21 May
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Please Disturb & Listen: Queer Art & Hotel Stories

by our Editors in Events & Agenda , 30 juli 2014

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

By combining stories and art in the project “Please disturb & listen,” gallery MooiMan is part of the Amsterdam Pride for the first time, looking for depth in its theme “Listen.” In a special cooperation with five large hotels in Amsterdam-East, these hotels will make space available for the realization of this project. The hotels will open their doors without an entry fee and will be connected via a bicycle route.

Not only Dutch artists are represented by the MooiMan gallery. Foreign artists from countries in which the word “Pride” isn’t common by a long shot are also represented by this gallery. GLBT human rights are not or hardly respected in countries such as the Russian Federation, China or Bulgaria. These countries will be represented by artists in this project. But also Italy, where religion is still repressing the GLBT community, is part of it.

“Please Disturb & Listen” takes place in hotel rooms or meeting rooms, each telling a story that was created by gay writers in cooperation with gay artists. In the intimacy of a hotel room, such as the half-round bridal suite of Hotel Arena, this story will be told in the mother tongue or in translation. That way, a link is made on each location between a writer, a story and language, and an artist from the same country, giving an account of an GLBT related situation. In Hotel Arena, 51 ’s-Gravesandestraat, the story is told of the photos by Spanish artist Gonzalo Orquín, who lives in Italy. His photos were banned by the Vatican, and show same-sex couples kissing in churches.

China and Bulgaria

In the new Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150, an installation will show art by Chinese artist Musk Ming, and writer, film director and gay activist Cui Zi’en (Beijing). Cui Zi’en is known as China’s first openly gay film director. He has made more than twenty films and received the Felipa Award of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission in 2002. Cui Zi’en teaches film technique and is a novelist. Musk Ming is a Chinese artist living in Berlin, who combines traditional Chinese art with contemporary techniques and western aesthetics. His work often reflects a desire for a world that celebrates sexual diversity. The installation at the Volkshotel is a combination of two artists, in which Cui Zi’en recites parts of his book “Peach Coloured Lips” in a video recording.

The Manor Hotel Amsterdam - Hampshire Eden, Linnaeusstraat 89, is housed in the former Burgerziekenhuis and combines a monumental exterior with a contemporary design interior. In a luxurious, but intimate conference room, self-willed and mystical paintings by Valentin Bakardjiev are shown with classical male figures in layers of batik-like patterns that refer to his Balkan background. The young actor Ivan Stoyanov from Sofia, Bulgaria, tells a video story.


Russian Affairs

The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, shows a socio-cultural photo project with anonymous young GLBT Russians from Moscow, searching for their identity, their desires, and their future in a homophobic society. This search was recorded in 2013 in a series of photos and short interviews by the center for social, psychological and cultural projects, Resource LGBTIQ Moscow. This re-release was also made possible by a donation from photographer Erwin Olaf, in cooperation with gallery MooiMan and Kortekaas vormgeving BNO.

Modern design Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, hosts a combination of photos by Russian photographer Serge Golvach and readings of works by Yevgeny Kharitonov (1941-1981) and Valeriy Pecheykin. Kharitonov is seen as the founder of modern Russian gay literature. He was a novelist, poet, playwright and theater maker. His work is inseparable from his homosexuality, the judicial and cultural ban, and their psychological dimensions.

As an underground writer and gay man, he was twice as vulnerable to state repression, and was often confronted with the KGB. In 1979, he was questioned as a suspect when a gay friend of his was murdered. His growing literary fame, but also the surveillance and intimidation, contributed to his fatal heart attack. After his death, his apartment was sealed off by the KGB. In order to preserve his writings, his friends broke in and retrieved the manuscripts they could find, but most of them were later found by the KGB.

From the young author Valeriy Pecheykin, a part of his stage play “Tiny Hero” will be performed, translated this year and performed again in New York by Alexander Kargaltsev in his stage play “Crematorium.” A controversial piece that explores the prosecution of Russian GLBT communities under the Putin regime. “Crematorium” takes place in a huge factory in the Russian-occupied Crimean and focuses on four same-sex couples that are tested with a new machine, after which they are corrected to straights and reintegrated into society. By Valeriy Pecheykin, the story “Powder” can be heard.

Photographer Serge Golovach (Moscow) is a multi-talent in his field of expertise. His work can be seen in many museums, both in and outside of the Russian Federation. At the hotel, parts of his photo project “Homo Ludens,” in which he fabulously combines people with laser patterns in long exposures to create portraits, can be seen, but also “LeoMeo,” which sees the return of social issues, such as HIV. Besides this, photographs by the Moscow photographer Seva Galkin, founder of the discontinued gay magazine “KVIR.”

July 26 - August 3: 12:00-18:00
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