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Monday 20 May
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Letter from Brussels: The Catholic Church is the Culprit

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 07 april 2014

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Dear Neighbors to the North, Now the Winter Olympics in Sochi are over, and Russian president Putin has been showered with all that is sinful in the world, it is perhaps time to focus on the other countries in the world where homosexuality is still punishable or a taboo. Continuing to focus on Putin gives him the attention he does not really deserve. And never has deserved.

In no less than seventy-six countries, homosexuality is still liable to punishment. More than half of those countries, about thirty-eight, are on the African continent. Sociologists and anthropologists have been arguing for some time about the reason(s) why in a large number of African countries homosexuality is not only taboo, but also met with very long prison terms.

The question is whether dozens of scientific studies are really necessary to discover the reason. Those who are familiar with the African continent’s history and geopolitics, will quickly discover the main culprit without expensive and long studies, to know the Catholic Church.

With the exception of several countries that are Islamic, most of the countries on the African continent have been subjected to the Catholic Church’s missionary work for decades. The Catholic Church sends money and priests to these countries to convert as many of the poor as possible and “open their eyes.” The Church is taking advantage of the poverty stricken, weak and subordinate population in order to indoctrinate them with the so-called word of God.

“You are poor?” It’s because there are gays in your family.
“You are sick?” It’s because you haven’t prayed to God five times a day.

Every day, this is preached in every African church by Catholic priests. And without any problems, because there are no smart phones to record this and post on YouTube or Facebook, as no-one has a smart phone in remote areas, let alone internet access. These remote missionary posts and churches escape social and secular control. Without a doubt, hatred of homosexuals is being spread in those churches, whereas in our part of the world, we have a riot on our hands if the imam goes a bit too far in the Friday prayers.

That same hatred is still being preached in catholic churches throughout the USA. Criticism from the USA on Russia’s anti-gay policy is more proof that hypocrisy is still alive and kicking across the Atlantic. No less than eight American states have anti-gay laws that are every bit as bad as those in the Russian Federation. In some states, teachers are not allowed to discuss homosexuality. They will not only lose their job, but also their freedom, as it is liable to punishment. In Texas, the haven of the presidential Bush family, children are taught at an early age that “homosexuality is a punishable offence.”

Just like on the African continent, the Catholic Church has a crushing responsibility in spreading hatred of homosexuals in the USA. It is the main culprit, whereas the Church can hardly bring itself to apologize when it comes to child abuse by members of the clergy. It is easier to put gays and lesbians in the pillory than priests.

Yet there is hopeful news from the Flemish Catholic community. A recent study shows that three-quarters of those who regularly visit church in Flanders are in favor of a new view on homosexuality. Whether that is a more positive view is not clear, although other studies suggest it should be more positive, as the Church should embrace a more modern outlook on many different subjects. There is little enthusiasm for a church wedding for homosexuals, but that is not high on the wish list of the gay community anyway.

Yours sincerely,

De Ket



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