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Saturday 21 Jul
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The Stranger In The Mirror, A Short Story

by Anonymus in Films & Books , 03 maart 2014

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Mickie Burcel might have spelled his name like a sissy, but he was perhaps one of the butchiest bastards any street-walking or bar-patronaging fairy could care to come in contact with. As he was in his apartment tossing things into his suitcase, Mickie caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

He always did have a streak of egotism that flashed through his butch facade wherever he went, and he would constantly flex his muscles for all the queens to stare at and appreciate. Everybody in the Military Police outfit Mickie had been stationed with at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and at the main entrance of the Pentagon Building thought him to be an exceptionally handsome young stud. Mickie enjoyed the praises and sneaky glances most of the women and men would throw his way.

Now, as Mickie stood nude except for a pair of bikini briefs which stretched tightly around his crotch, he admired himself. His prick was meticulously packed in his thin briefs so that there was a rather nice size bulge quite evident. As he stared at himself in the full-length mirror, his hands softly caressed his smooth hairless chest. He toyed with his nipples until they became hard. Slowly, lovingly, his hands slid down his sides, and as he did this he watched his crotch increase in size. His cock swelled and stretched the thin material of his briefs, almost breaking the heavy stitching.

Mickie’s hands then slid over his solid hips and down the front of his thighs, causing his shaft to throb wildly. If it wasn’t for the barrier that held it back, his prick would have stuck straight out and throbbed and swayed freely in the air while the shiny purple head pulsated and bobbed up and down.

Suddenly, Mickie’s hands flew up to the elastic waist band of his briefs, and with one quick flick of the wrist his briefs were off and thrown into the corner. His cock now pointed straight out at the mirror, and as Mickie looked at his reflection he saw his entire image from head to foot. Mickie closed his eyes and imagined that the reflection was an image of a real man, and when he looked again he saw this stranger’s hips begin to move in that “FUCK ME, BABY!” motion. His eyes wandered down to the stranger’s cock and it was bouncing up and down as he frigged it in his right hand and allowed his left hand to play with his balls. Mickie wanted to suck this fucker’s cock so badly that he could already taste the hot, salty semen that would come gushing out of the head of his shaft.

Mickie inched himself closer to the mirror - the stranger -, and a warm hand slid down onto Mickie’s cheeks. He groaned with pleasure when he felt the fingers at his asshole, probing, and finally, with one lunge, two of the fingers entered at the same time. Mickie cried out at first, but then the pain was replaced by an unmistakable feeling of pleasure. The two fingers moved around inside his asshole. They probed and searched out the innermost parts of his fuck hole... parts that only queer, pulsating shafts had reached before. The two fingers separated then came together, rammed up his hole and then slid out to only ram again with twice as much force as before. All this time Mickie was jerking his meat, and every now and then he would open his eyes and look in the mirror and the reflected image of that stranger would still be there doing the same thing that Mickie was doing.

Mickie felt his hips begin to quiver, and he knew that this was that distinct and pleasurable sign signaling that time was very close when he would shoot his load. He wanted his new found friend to have all this hot cream which he was about to let loose, so he moved closer to the mirror - closer to him! As he took the final step and his body touched the mirror, the coolness of the glass and the heat of his body met and sent ecstatic shivers racing throughout his entire being. He arched his back and shot his load of jism onto the mirror and watched it roll down in long, thinning rivulets.

“TAKE IT, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!,” Mickie shouted to himself. “DRINK YOUR OWN JUICE!”

As Mickie shot his wad, the two fingers up inside his ass were joined by a third. This stretched his opening to its capacity, and as the third finger slid in, his cum spurted higher and higher into the air and onto the mirror. Gush after gush of the hot white cream shot up and onto the glass, and finally Mickie collapsed onto the floor on top of his fingers that were shoved deeper into his asshole.

When Mickie had gathered his breath and settled down somewhat, he opened his eyes and found the stranger had gone and Mickie saw only himself in the mirror. He moved in closer and began to lick at the trickles of cum which he had shot before. He began at the bottom half of the mirror and worked his way up. Finally, he leaned against the cool glass and his body collapsed in an exhausted heap at the base of the shiny mirror, causing him to come back and face the reality of being alone as he had when he thought he saw that stranger in the mirror as he jacked his dick during those too brief blissful moments.

Quickly showering and dressing, Mickie knew that with his newly earned freedom from the United States Army that he would be back on the streets in a little while, hitchhiking to college. All of his other luggage had been sent ahead of him to the school he was going to attend, and all he had remaining was that typical small-type suitcase that most hitchhikers find terribly easy to carry when they’re out on the road bumming rides.

Mickie slammed his suitcase shut and snapped the locks.

He wasn’t wearing any underwear because he wanted to be able to show a better box, knowing that if some queen came along and liked what was visible he would stop and give him a ride.

He looked down at his crotch. His balls came up into the “V” of the slightly parted zipper and his cock nestled into the valley between his balls. He reached down and carefully picked up the head of his prick and held it in his hands. It wasn’t a bad cock for a twenty-year-old. lt was circumcised and hung down almost a full seven inches when it was soft. He could actually stretch it all the way between his legs and up to his asshole when it was still soft, and when he had a hardon, it stretched out in front of him a good nine inches, and the head of it swelled to about three inches in diameter.

Many a guy had screamed out in pain when he fucked them. He would grease up their ass with any lubricant that he happened to have and he would make sure that he slid his fingers into the guy’s tight asshole. Then he would take the jelly, oil or cream and smear it all over the head of his prick. He would never put anything on his pulsating shaft because he wanted his trick to know that he had gotten fucked! He would then find the hole with the head of his cock, and he would plunge forward so that the head would penetrate at the first attack. This generally caused Mickie’s victims to scream and to try to fight him off, but then they really couldn’t do too much fighting with him when he had their legs in the air while his strong arms pinned theirs behind their back. He would always give his tricks time to get used to the size of the mushroom shaped head before he would slowly shove the rest of his cock up into them.

Mickie stuffed his handful of meat and balls back down into his pants and over to one side. He carefully arranged his basket so that he showed a healthy, rather inviting bulge down his right leg. He ran his hand over his legs and back up inside his thighs to test his ability to get a hardon, an immediately the line down the front of his pants began to grow. Mickie decided to unbutton his shirt all the way down to the navel so that he could show the crop of pubic hair which was growing downward from his navel. He was ready and grabbed his suitcase and headed for the highway.

[This story is an abbreviated version of the first chapter of “The Hitchhiker,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.]



In the New Issue of Gay News, 324, Augustus 2018

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