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Friday 22 Jun
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Premiere first Dutch Queer drama series

by our Editors in Media & entertainment , 05 maart 2013

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

On Thursday the 7th of March the pilot of Queer Amsterdam – the first Dutch drama series about queers – will premiere in the Pathé Tuschinski cinema. This special project was initiated by four young film makers and created completely independently with the motto ‘Broke, queer and creative – we produce our own drama.’

They arranged financial back up through crowdfunding (Cinecrowd), subsidy and sponsors. The cast, with amongst others Marian Mudder (Baantjer), Sarah Jonker (Leef!) and Thomas Cammaert (HEMA the Musical), and the crew all donated their time and professionalism for free.

Taking matters into their own hands

In times of crisis and an unhealthy financial film and tv creating climate, director Sanne Peters –23-years old, the youngest ever graduate of the Film Academy of Amsterdam – decided to take matters in her own hands. This is not the time of sitting back and wait for chances. In a time that theater companies go under and the entire cultural sector faces fewer and fewer funding, one has to learn how to swim independently. You have to create your own opportunities.

Together with scenario writer Anne Chlosta they created the world of Queer Amsterdam, producers Marloes Meuzelaar and Dorien Rozing were also involved right from the start. From a network of freshly graduates they composed a promising crew. The last two years they’ve worked on this pilot (the first introducing episode of the series), next to their day jobs and studies, without any form of payment. Because they all agree that Holland is ready for a daring drama series, in which people that are otherwise rather flat secondary characters are put at the centre of attention. So this is exactly what Queer Amsterdam has done.

Looking for an investor

The premiere is a present for the ever growing number of followers, but also a presentation for the film and television industry. Because what’s greater than having a premiere of Queer Amsterdam pilot in the most traditional cinema theaters of The Netherlands? Tuschinski! There is an audience, the team has convincingly shown that after two years of work. Now they need money. Rozing and Meuzelaar are looking for an investor that recognizes a need for the fresh breeze that Queer Amsterdam has to offer. The scenario for another nine episodes is ready for action.

Queer what?

Queer Amsterdam is the very first Dutch drama series that doesn’t put queers in stereotyped supporting roles. No handbag tossing homos or man-hating lesbians but complete characters. Queer Amsterdam shows us what the world looks like from their point of view. Queer is different, it’s raw and boundless.

Queer is falling in love with a man and marry a woman. It’s being a boy on the outside but a girl on the inside. It’s not wanting to define oneself as a man OR a woman, as black OR white, gay OR straight. Queer offers you the space to be who and what you are: human. Nothing more and nothing less. Nine characters from different generations show us what’s on their minds: love, health, humor and family.

To hell with conventions

An unconventional screening in the most traditional cinema Holland has to offer. That’s Queer Amsterdam as well: breaking through conventions. No chic black tie, but queer hysterics and drag queens on the red carpet. Queers will take the main stage for the first time.

There’s never been a drama series like this one and now that the fist episode is finished, we want everyone to know.


The creators identify as queer and were irritated by the image of the so-called LGBTQ community on Dutch television. They prove the accusation, which this younger generation often gets, of being ever divided and not appreciating the achievements of the previous generations, wrong. Not with a movie that will disappear in the racks of Kruidvat, but with a television series of a high quality. Holland is grown up enough to think outside the box and jump into the world of Queer Amsterdam.

The premiere of the pilot of Queer Amsterdam takes place on Thursday the 7th of March, from 9.30 pm at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam and is open to the general public.
After the premiere your ticket will give you free entrance at the after party at club Nyx.
Tickets of € 11,50 are available at Pathé Tuschinski.
Note: the Pathé Unlimited Card (PUC) will not be valid!



In the New Issue of Gay News, 322, June 2018

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