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Gay News : Publications : Issue 254 : A Rubber Fetish

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A Rubber Fetish

by Hubert Briefs in Scene , 28 oktober 2012

There Are Numerous Exciting Possibilities If something that usually has nothing to do with sex turns you on, you have a fetish. It can be about clothes, like a uniform, work clothes or a business suit. It can also be a specific piece of clothing, like underwear, gloves or boots. Some men get hot from certain smells, like cigar smoke or perspiration. Other people go for certain situations, like pain, humiliation or bondage.

Fetishes come in all sorts and shapes, as well as combinations. It used to be something to hide but nowadays a fetish is an accepted part of our culture; there are shops with fetish clothes for men.


To some people rubber is sexually arousing. It can be the material itself, how it feels, looks, or smells, but also clothes made from it, like uniforms or gloves. For some people it’s a secret pleasure, for others it’s a complete lifestyle. Rubber fetishists also call themselves “rubber men.”

There are many different kinds of rubber and rubber clothes, like lacquer, latex, pace and neoprene. The material varies from ultra thin, shiny and slick, to thick and very coarse like a wetsuit. Usually people think of rubber as black, while all colors of the rainbow are possible; there’s even transparent rubber.

Second Skin

Although there are also loose fitting rubber fetish clothes, most people prefer it tight. This causes all sorts of sensations that could be sexually arousing, it’s hard to describe it. If you’re not familiar with this sensation and you’d like to try it, you could go to one of the shops for a fitting.

Tight rubber clothes show up everything, your body shape is very obvious. It’s as if you’re naked. Rubber can be your second skin.


Rubber feels cold when you put it on. It quickly becomes comfortable because of a thin layer of perspiration between your skin and the rubber. In extreme cold, this layer could freeze so make sure you wear warm coats and pants over your rubber. When the temperature goes up, the amount of perspiration increases; also when you move around, when you dance or when you’re having sex. The more you sweat, the more the rubber slides over your skin. Your skin and the rubber feel as one.

A lot of men find perspiration sexually arousing, especially the smell of it. Perspiration from playing sports or a tough workout makes perspiration glisten on the skin and the masculine aroma intense. How much you smell depends on how much rubber you’re wearing, it seals off the skin completely.


Are you new in the rubber fetish world, it’s best to start off with something that’s similar to what you wear normally during the day, like a t-shirt or a pair of shorts. It wouldn’t even stand out that much if you wore that on the street. In the beginning it seems to be tricky to get in to rubber clothes but when you use talcum powder or lubricant it’s not hard at all.

If you think rubber is hot, there are numerous possibilities. There are special gatherings and parties, like the Black Body Rubber Only Party. This is where you’ll meet other rubber fans, some wearing full rubber suits, some even with gasmasks, gloves and waders. Some visitors wear coats made of rubber, wetsuits, rain suits; everything is allowed, as long as it’s made of rubber.

10 Tips For Longer Lasting Rubber Pleasure

Rubber clothes of good quality can last for years, as long as you use and take care of it in the right way. Go to a specialty shop, like Black Body, RoB or MrB in Amsterdam and check it out.
  • Rubber clothing is easiest to get into with the help of a bit of talcum powder (without perfume) or silicone lubricant.
  •  Some rubber men shave their bodies, but this is not necessary, not even when you’re quite hairy. (Use tip 1 though!)
  •  If you put on rubber after a shower or bath, make sure you’re cool and dry.
  •  Be careful with sharp objects, like jewelry or jutting nails: rubber can tear.
  •  Always use water based or silicone based lubricant, never oil based, or Crisco.
  •  Never wear completely insulating clothes for longer than twelve hours on end and don’t go to sleep in it, it’s not good for your skin.
  •  When you take your rubber off, you’ll be wet with perspiration and you’ll get cold quickly. Make sure you dry yourself or have a shower.
  •  Always immediately rinse your rubber after use in tepid water with a special product (hexi blau), always hang it to dry and rub in more talcum.
  •  Maintain your rubber carefully and make it shiny with silicone spray or rubber shiner.Always keep your rubber in a dark dry spot, folded lightly or hanging, separate from other clothing items (also other rubber clothes).Always keep your rubber in a dark dry spot, folded lightly or hanging, separate from other clothing items (also other rubber clothes).
  •  Always keep your rubber in a dark dry spot, folded lightly or hanging, separate from other clothing items (also other rubber clothes).
  Photography: (c) René Zuiderveld

Election Mister Rubber Netherlands 2016

Fifteenth anniversary fetish shop Black Body on new location

Black Body celebrates fifth anniversary

Re: Re: A Rubber Fetish

by Ian Micheals on 11 maart 2013
Great piece on Rubber and very informative, there are however many manufacturers of Latex/Rubber.
You did mention a few shops that supply but not a manufacturer here in the UK?
We have been supplying the Fetish community for 21 years this year, and we are a UK based company hand making every item of clothing we sell.
Please check us out or drop by and visit us for a coffee and a chat if you want to place an order.

A Rubber Fetish


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In the New Issue of Gay News, 309, May 2017

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