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Thursday 26 Apr
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Hellfire in Church, Diabolical Shenanigans

by our Editors in Scene , 13 juli 2012

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

While I push my way through warm bodies, I spot a glowing set of demon’s eyes above the stage, flames and burning angel’s wings are projected in his gaping mouth. At the edge of the dance floor there’s Bram, his square shaved head nods slightly to the hammering beats of the music. When he sees me he grins, his eyes smoldering in the dark. He hooks his arm around my neck and calls into my ear: “You arrived at a special moment, I wonder whether Robbie will have the nerve tonight.”

 “The nerve, for what?” I pull him close and notice how his body has changed lately, his visits to the gym are paying off. His stomach feels tight against mine, the upper part of his ass full and muscled. A coarse and wide tunic with a large hood on his back hides his build. In his hand he holds a chain, which is connected to the collar around his boyfriend’s neck. Robbie stands directly behind him like a loyal puppy, butt-naked with only his hands covering his sex, he seems to be staring in wonder at the dazzling lights of the disco ball.

“You see, Vera is here again too and... Well, speak of the devil, here’s that hot vixen now!”

He releases my neck and beckons a woman wearing a tight rubber cat suit and stiletto heels watching us from the bottom of the staircase.

“Last time she let me fuck her and it was heaven. Really, heaven! And tonight...’ He nods backwards. “He’s never done it with a woman.”

Vera sways towards us seductively and points at his outfit.

“What are you wearing? Aren’t you hot?”

In answer he pulls the hood over his head and only then I get the character of his costume: a monk’s cowl, complete with a rough piece of string around his waist.

“My dear child, have you confessed today already?”

She chuckles, “No, I didn’t! But I guess it’s about time I did. Do you think I should get on my knees?”

“Well,” he grabs through a split in his cloak and produces a semi-erect dick. “I’d say turn around and bend over.”

Complying, she turns and bends, her ass and long legs form a silhouette of a heart caught in tight rubber, her sharp red nails dig into the floor. Looking up over her shoulder she bites her lip while he slowly pulls at the zip in between her legs. First he sucks on a thumb, then carefully inserts it, winks at me and simultaneously jerks the chain. Robbie jumps up and stumbles into him.

“Carpe diem, with God’s blessing!”

Hellfire in Church: 23 June, 10 p.m.- 5 a.m,, €15
and on September 22 and November 24/25 (Wasteland After party)
Dress code: Fetish only: no effort, no entrance - the doorbitch decides!

Club Church, Kerkstraat 52, Amsterdam



In the New Issue of Gay News, 321, May 2018

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