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Wednesday 25 Apr
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Reese Rideout’s ‘Controversial’ Election As Man Of The Year

by Rob Blauwhuis in Media & entertainment , 31 maart 2009

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Last month I concluded an article about the wedding between porn stud Brent Everett and Steve Peña with a cry from the heart of Alan from Florida on “With all the gay for pay straight college dudes out there I find it inspiring that there are real gays making gay porn and living happy gay lives. More power to them. Long may they run. Together.” This had hardly made it to print as a row started over the election of Reese Rideout as Man of the Year by male nudity magazine “Men.”

J.C. Adams reported on his blog (“Since 1998 the premiere gay porn news/gossip column”) on November 18, that after the announcement of Rideout’s election “some of our readers have expressed misgivings about a gay adult magazine choosing to lionize and promote a straight man (or one who professes to be hetero) when there are plenty of openly gay or bi men who are equally deserving. Gay-for-pay is all over the place these days [...].

So are we perhaps seeing a small backlash?” Indeed, there’s some discussion on the site but it’s a bit silly to blame the readers because the quote from above was preceded by the statement that Rideout “takes over from gay-for-pay Johnny Castle, who in turn took the crown from gay-for-pay Zeb Atlas (before then it was very openly gay Luca DiCorso).” So it seems Adams also has his opinion about Rideout’s public status as being gay for pay.

False Idols

I’ve always had my doubts about the supposed heterosexuality of gay porn actors (although there are probably a few real ones). I just can’t believe a full-blooded straight man will have sex with men or lads, even if gay porn pays a little better and money is the ultimate aphrodisiac to some. I believe that in most cases we’re dealing with a very effective marketing tool.

The why is a question I can’t explain here, but proof for this might be that it are the readers who vote for Man of the Year, not the publisher or the editors. Some think this preference of Men-readers for pseudo-straight guys a sign of homosexual self-hatred. Like Mike, who says on “It is sad that we as a community still suffer from self-loathing and internalized homophobia so much that we have to pay straight men to have sex with us or each other because we still cannot fully embrace our own sexuality.”

He adds a little later: “Part of the fantasy of gay porn is the idea that I might actually one day be able to get with one of those guys I’m seeing on film... the buzz-kill is that would all depend on how much I’m willing to pay him to have sex with me. It is sad that we still cannot celebrate our own selves... we have to create false idols.”

Aside from the fact that there are also lots of gay hookers (and there are many gay prostitutes who are gay during the day as well, which can’t be said from all the customers), it’s a much more interesting question how you define a straight man, when the one you’re talking about regularly has dicks in his mouth and ass. Although Rideout pays a lot of attention to shaping his body, he’s not one of those models who only produce bodybuilding DVDs, or solo wanking adventures, or even those porn “straights” who think “a hole is a hole and don’t mind poking whatever,” he goes all the way in gay sex.

Muscle Bottom Slut

In a short interview “Men” added to the election publication, Rideout answered to the question of which part of his body he was most proud: “I can’t be modest about my ass. If my ass could talk, it would say: ‘The man that I happen to be attached to has paid a shitload of attention to this particular section of his body.’” You could assume he means he just pays a lot of attention shaping his butt in the gym, but some comments on internet let me to the conclusion that it is mainly his sphincter he’s trained to a perfect milking machine. When Rideout appeared as Nicholas Ryan in “Playgirl” (another remarkable phenomenon that men who’ve already had a career in gay magazines, choose a new name for the girls) “Meat Lover” posted on “I know that this dude says his name is ‘Nicholas Ryan.’ But isn’t that Reese Rideout from Randy Blue? I’d know that muscle bottom slut anywhere.”

“Meat Lover” wasn’t just voicing his own private fantasy when he described Rideout as a “bottom slut,” as will be clear by checking out the productions he made for Randy Blue. In “Chris Vs Reese” he gets into a wrestling match with Chris Rockway, the latter eventually getting the upper hand. Chris pulls off Reese’s tight shiny red swimsuit and fucks him nicely.

During his encounter with Braden (I can’t discover his last name anywhere) Rideout ends up bottom again. Waybig writes in his about this production: “Braden and Reese have some real affection for each other which is pretty evident when you see them kid and harass and work with each other. This, just so you know is Braden’s first piece of tight man ass and I suspect it wont be his last judging by the hard pounding he gave Reese.

Reese takes it all like the man he is and pretty soon is begging for more!” Vic added as a comment to this: “Reese knows how to work that gorgeous ass in EVERY direction and position.” Honesty compels me to confess that Reese Rideout is not always in bottom position, but when he tops Kyle Hennessy, Chad can’t help but comment: “For some reason I have a hard time taking RR seriously as a top. It doesn’t even seem like his dick could handle it.”

Oops! How straight is the man who cannot be a convincing top, but impresses everyone as the perfect assman, begging for more? “uhuh” remarked after watching “Braden and Reese”: “Okay, they are way too hard for each other to still be considered straight in this vid.” Let’s just leave it at that. Forget about that fairytale about gay porn actors being straight and all; a man is as gay as the sex he’s having!



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