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Friday 17 Nov
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Pink Point - Politeness

by Eric Rozenboom in Columns & Opinions , 15 juni 2008

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See


In the morning my cat wakes me up. It’s running circles on my belly like mad. Meowing it lets me know it’s hungry and that it’s about time I got up and tend to that primal need. This lady is 21-years-old already and when it comes to getting her way she really takes after her name: Coco. The last few years she’s lost all politeness and sleeping in is not tolerated anymore.

I don’t know why exactly but this behavior reminds me of a large part of Pink Point visitors. The kind that remains standing outside but just hurls a question in my direction. Often I’ve seen them coming, because just after crossing the traffic lights I notice them trying to get eye contact already. I usually purposely look the other way. They come walking briskly towards the kiosk.
And then something happens. Just before they step into the kiosk they sort of come to a stop. Their feet seem to refuse service all of a sudden. That’s when they decide to just yell out their question. It doesn’t matter whether I’m with a customer at that time, or not. No, why wait for your turn. They seem to think their question is the most important thing in the world.

I can’t help but wonder how people would respond if I went to the supermarket and threw my bag inside yelling out how much and what I wanted and expected them to come out and give me my change. Why is it that some people seem to think that’s how it works, and I’m not just talking about tourists here.

Fortunately I’ve found the solution to such behavior. The moment the question is hurled into the kiosk and the air is still ringing, I answer so quietly they can’t possibly hear what I’m saying. You see their surprise; they shout out again and again they can’t make out the answer. They either walk on and give up, or they step inside the kiosk. There you go, I think to myself: you can learn to be polite.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 315, November 2017

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