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Friday 22 Jun
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by Rod del Auntie in Media & entertainment , 08 november 2007

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Are Beckham and Williams a special couple?

David Beckham and Robbie Williams are possibly plying an eccentric gay couple in the American hit series Desperate Housewives. Several American media report that the gay creator of the show, Marc Cherry, thinks that the two Brits, who both live in LA, are the perfect neighbors for his desperate ladies at Wisteria Lane. Cherry is said to have wanted the combination Williams and Tom Cruise for the cameos. But because Brits are said to have more talent for sending themselves up, they approached Beckham.

Cruise’s height was also a problem: his 1.70m would have looked odd next to the 1.85 m tall Williams. The Desperate fourth season will start in September on the American channel ABC. Over 119 million people watch the show worldwide.

Rupert Everett shocks BBC

The British Hollywood actor Rupert Everett has rather startled the presenters of a breakfast show on the BBC. In the program Rupert talked candidly about his sexual escapades. He memorized all the exciting things that happened in the cinema when as a young man he went there for sex. The 2 presenters visibly winced as the 48-year old actor went into detail. They told their guest quickly that it was 9 o’clock in the morning and changed the subject.

A BBC spokesperson said it was unsuitable but unavoidable in a live broadcast. Everett, having had numerous stormy affairs, is now a bachelor. “I’ve always found it very hard to maintain a relationship,” said Everett. “I come from a Catholic family and when I found out that I was gay, I was scared to death.”

A while ago Rupert made the news with another comment. He called in the help of the Daily Mirror to find him a man. “I want to have a man in my life so I suggest that all nice interested men send a photo and a letter to the editor,” said Everett in the British paper. Rupert Everett broke through with his role in the movie ‘Another Country’ from 1982. The actor, who starred in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ and ‘The Next Best Thing’ recently lent his voice to Prince Charming in ‘Shrek 3’.

Ideal son-in-law?

Dutch gays think Peter van der Horst is the ideal man to bring home. A recent poll amongst over 2000 men showed that 85% of the respondents would love to introduce the royalty watcher, tv anchorman to their mother. Member of the democrats in parliament Boris van der Ham ranks two and Roelant Fernhout three.

Gerard Joling and Gordon are not popular at all. A mere 7% thinks mum would like to see them at the kitchen table. The dating site gay-Parship, gay magazine Winq and web bureau CyberFruitz set up the research. The research also revealed that people think that newsreader Rik van de Westelaken has a wild side to him. One third of the respondents mentioned him when asked who would secretly be an animal in bed. We ask ourselves, how desperate can you be to start such pathetic surveys to begin with.

Gordon wants a gay channel

Gordon has announced that Dutch television lacks a gay specific broadcaster. If we agree is a different matter, but Gordon is on his high horse. The singer and media whore is developing the plans for such a network himself. Gordon is very happy with his current employer RTL; he’ll soon start a new program Gillend naar Huis (Going Home Screaming). The singer says the plans have been ready for over a year but “everybody is still asleep.”

It doesn’t necessary have to be a full time broadcaster “but something more gay specific would be nice. A sort of gay night on RTL 5 or something.” The singer is looking for financial backers at the moment. He has approached John de Mol and they will soon meet. After his umpth failure in a row he apparently is willing to talk about anything. The two existing gay networks in Europe are teetering at the brink of bankruptcy so hey, there’s room for another one with somebody else’s money.

Ricky Martin plans to adopt

Ricky Martin wants to adopt a child before the end of this year. Apparently Ricky prefers his semen to be used for different purposes. The singer will try to adopt one child per continent. “We’re trying to start a colorful family this year,” the singer told reporters in his country of birth Puerto Rico, where he will perform this weekend. Who the ‘we’ is, is unclear. The 35-year old pop star is not married and is secretive about his love life. The world has been speculating on his homosexuality for years.

Martin does not expect a favored treatment in the adoption process because he happens to be a world famous performer. “I want to do it right, I don’t want any hassles or problems,” the singer says. Ricky Martin scored hits with ‘She Bangs’ and ‘living La Vida Loca’. His Ricky Martin Foundation helps poor children all over the world.

Plague of months fought with ‘gay powder’

English vermin fighters have found a new way to combat the moth infestation they’re dealing with at the moment. They use a powder that makes the males go gay, The Times reports. The confusion disturbs the reproduction process of the moths. Scientists powder the breeding spots with the scent of female pheromones, the smell of sexual attraction.

When the larvae leave the nest they all attract males that think they’re female. Moths have very small brains and can’t see very well either. The moth’s larvae are covered with small poisonous hairs. People can get rashes and respiratory problems. The mild temperatures in April caused an explosion of moths in England.



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