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Wednesday 25 Apr
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by Rod del Auntie in Media & entertainment , 10 september 2007

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

We’ve had quite a month again. Paris Hilton is from now an ex-convict; Amsterdam craps in it’s pants at the thought of Hooligans and decides to protect the gays by cutting off their parties while the army’s generals are parading with the gays in Bergen op zoom. Cutting or bashing gays has apparently become fashionable in the capital anyway. Two more of our brothers were beaten up recently and there has been a serious call for a demonstration during Pride. Shouldn’t be so hard when there are so many queers in town.

Anyway, you’ll read about that in another section of the magazine, let’s focus on someone else’s grief for fun.

There’s no way around it but really for the last time because even Americans collectively vomit when hearing the name Hilton by now. The US Weekly will no longer report on Paris Hilton, the chief editor announced. After following the story on a daily basis for a month the magazine has had enough. All the editors have been told not to mention her at all. The Paris ban is so strict they’re even afraid to mention the French capital but that was a joke, the Chief Editor quipped. We close by mentioning she ‘thanked God’ that she was free again.

Isaiah Washington, recently fired from Grey’s Anatomy, has been talking to NBC. It’s not clear whether the station is planning to hire him for running shows or is thinking of a new project.

Isaiah played Preston Burke in Grey’s Anatomy. ABC unexpectedly fired him last month. “I thought I was just going for a contract negotiation,” the actor claimed. Yeah right…

Nick Lachey tries to prevent the publication of sex photos
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s lawyers have called upon magazines not to publish sex photos of the couple. Several media have confirmed this. Life & Style published photos in its latest edition of Lachey and Minnillo having sex in the Jacuzzi. The photos were taken during a holiday in Mexico. Lawyer Marty Singer claims the photographer sneaked up on them. “The Mexican photographer broke the law. We will take action when third parties decide to publicize.” We will keep an eye out for you, you never know.

Geer Joling’s problems are of a different nature altogether. Joling can’t say no… to RTL that is, although I don’t know anyone who’s heard him say no, ever, but that’s beside the point. Channel Tien has kicked the bucket and now all the jokes and giggles of the Geer & Goor duo are bottled up. Many will rejoice, although others are robbed from their role models. I can’t lose any sleep over it, really.

Many tabloids screamed about Gordon suing his brother. What happened was, just after Gordon announced a total media black out until September; his brother decides to punch him right in the face, at their mother’s and all. Martin, who’s into market stalls like the rest of the family, had wanted a stall outside the Amsterdam ArenA during the concerts and Gordon had refused to help him out. So we just start punching as is usual in those circles. I don’t get Gordon’s problem at all.

Television clown Bassie, Bas van Toor, has filed a complaint of slander after an incident at the fair of Berkel-Enschot. The clown was handing out free coins to the visitors of the fair. At the dodgem carts that father said there was a large group standing behind the clown. One of them grabbed the clown’s wig roughly so Bassie turned around and grabbed the boy’s ear, demanding an apology.
The boy did, although he claimed not to have done anything, and Bassie let go. The father claims his son’s ear is black and blue, and there’s a … sort of a lump… Better to claim damages and report to the police. The clown strikes back with a counter suit demanding compensation. Next time, just send the nasty kid to Gordon’s brother, he’ll know how to knock some sense into him.

Well-informed sources suggest there’s trouble between Daphne Dekkers and her tennis-playing hunk Richard Krajicek. More than just trouble, they’re about to break up. People claim they don’t even share their house anymore. Daphne is said to be too dominant in the relationship. Richard took it all up to now but apparently has had his fill. Daphne is losing control and that’s how things deteriorated. Daphne’s response was of course: there’s nothing going on, all’s fine and Richard is still the love of her life.



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