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Friday 22 Jun
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The Gossip Bin

by Rod del Auntie in Media & entertainment , 23 juli 2007

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Actor Isaiah Washington, better known as Dr. Burke in the popular tv-series “Grey’s Anatomy”, wants to make a stand against discrimination. Washington appears in a tv-spot of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The 43-year old actor got in trouble recently when he called his freshly out of the closet colleague T.R. Knight a “faggot” on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but he’s evidently come to his senses now.

He publicly apologized already in January and denied being homophobic. The spot he’s going to do with GLSEN is part of his promise to campaign for the integration of gays in the United States. GLSEN is also working on a safer school environment for children with different sexual preferences in the US.

Nobody doubts the sexuality of celebrity cook Joop Braakhekke. At the 34th anniversary of his relationship with his partner Wim Nijkamp the tv-cook and restaurant owner has decided he wants to get married. Why? Braakhekke is afraid that the Islam will become the largest religion in Holland and that the Dutch liberal accomplishments will disappear. In “De Telegraaf” Braakhekke rambles: “I don’t want to sit and wait till our liberties are taken away from us,” adding: “we are getting married because we want security.” It’s clear that he hasn’t much perspective...

What David Hasselhoff’s perspectives are, remains to be seen. Anyway, he is not allowed to visit his children for a while. The Los Angeles courts ruled after a video appeared recently showing the former “Baywatch” actor drunk. The video was shot by Hasselhoff’s two daughters, Taylor Ann (16) and Hayley (14). They said they made the video to confront their father with his drinking problem.

The 54-year old Hasselhoff divorced his wife, Pamela Bach, in 2006 after a sixteen-year marriage. Since the divorce they fight over custody of their daughters. Hasselhoff also reveals in his recent book “Don’t Hassle the Hoff: The Autobiography” that he was never interested in groupies at the height of his career. He was more into the minibar. “I had a greater need for alcohol than I did for women, even when they came to my trailer,” the actor confides.

Ah, the booze! The once-was-Knight-Rider is not the only one to get lost in liquor every now and then. Many celebrities paved the way and many will still follow.

Paris Hilton is also not one to decline an alcoholic beverage or two. She will have to dry up for a bit though because the filthy rich heiress will go to jail for 45 days from the 5th of June.

The blond bimbo star thinks this is “unfair,” according to the British Press agency Reuters. “I’ve been treated unfairly and the ruling is mean and wrong,” the little goose pouted. The 26-year old is being punished for driving without a valid license and she partly blames the sentence on her spokesperson Elliot Mintz.

She says he didn’t inform her correctly on a previous conviction. The judge didn’t buy into it and ordered her to pay an 1100 euro fine and probation of three years. She was caught twice for reckless driving behavior in January and February while her license had been revoked in September already.

Finally a message that concerns us all, at least, if you’re planning to go to Cyprus. In that case double-check your luggage because they don’t allow you to bring the vibrator Love Bug2 anymore. The ban by the Cypriot Ministry of Defense came after they found that these sexual contraptions caused the excessive noise on the military frequencies.



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