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Friday 22 Jun
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Mexican Singer And Heartthrob Christian Chavez Stops Lying

by Julien Beyle in Media & entertainment , 09 juni 2007

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About one and a half years ago I wrote an article for Gay News about Hollywood hunk Garrett Hedlund on the occasion of his then latest movie, “Four Brothers.” Although I only claimed that Hedlund is extremely good-looking and didn’t make any suggestions about his sexual preference, after the publication on our website a discussion flared up about whether Hedlund might be gay or not.

Therefore I expected the same kind of excited reactions when the website posted photos of 23-year-old Mexican pop star Christian Chavez, singer of the popular band RBD, who seems to be marrying another man. One Marisol fulminated: “This picture is full of shit... this is not Christian... who ever did this is full of shit.” And Lupe Marquez wrote: “He is not Gay because he said he wasn’t. He said if he was gay he would shout it out to the whole world!!!! But I love Gay people, they are the nicest people you could meet. And even if he was Gay I would still be his biggest Fan!!!!!”
The photos, taken in Canada in 2005, show the bright redheaded star, known for his ever-changing hair colors, with another man with short black hair, BJ Murphy, while they are signing documents, exchanging rings and giving each other a kiss.

Christian’s Statement

Given their comments, the truth must have been easier to swallow for Lupe than for Marisol. A few days after the photos were posted, Christian Chavez wrote a statement on RBD’s official web site, in which he admitted that these pictures “show a part of me, a part that I was not prepared to speak of in fear of rejection, of criticism, but especially for my family and its consequences. I think it’s time to grow up, not only as a human being, but also as an artist.

I believe love is the purest feeling that exists and in this career filled with loneliness, having the opportunity to share those moments with someone, that when you look into their eyes, you forget all the negative things, it’s a gift of life, that I cherish more than fame.

I don’t want to keep on lying and lie to myself because of fear, I love what I do and singing is my life, my passion. [...] I feel bad for not having shared this with all my fans before, as they are the ones who worry and it is because of them that I decided to be honest. Hopefully they will be able to see beyond this note, and realize that I am a human being just like any other, with defects and virtues. I don’t think this is a defect, I won’t deny it. [...]

Although I’m scared and filled with uncertainty I know that I can rely on the support of my fans, their love is bigger than all of this. I ask them from the bottom of my heart, not to judge me for being honest and to feel proud of who they are and never make the same mistake I did.
¡Tolerance to diversity¡”

Support From Ricky Martin

Chavez’s band RBD was formed out of a daily drama, “Rebelde,” which featured the group’s six members as the lead characters. The show followed the students at an elite boarding school in Mexico City who rebelled against their aristocratic classmates by starting a band. The soap was a great success throughout Latin America and with the Latino communities in the USA and when RBD debuted in January 2005 with their first album “Rebelde,” they became an immediate sensation.

When eight months later the album “Nuestro Amor” followed, this new disc shattered the record books by going platinum in just seven hours. The group has sold 9.5 million records worldwide and has performed at sold out concerts in Los Angeles and New York.

That one of the members of such a popular group has come out is very important, especially since homosexuality is generally a bit more taboo in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Therefore Mexican gay rights activist Sergio Villar applauded Chavez’s decision to stop lying: “Christian Chavez’s decision symbolizes this new way of seeing life, and raises hope of a more inclusive future with more respect for differences.”

A few weeks after Christian’s confession even Puerto Rico’s all-time top-selling artist Ricky Martin expressed his regard for Chavez’s honesty. During a tour in Mexico, Martin defended the right of gay pop stars to come out of the closet. In an interview, Martin said he felt solidarity with Christian Chavez. “Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say,” Martin said, and added that now Christian Chavez “has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength.”

However, what many had hoped for, namely that the ass-shaking singer, who brings masses of people to hysteria and about whose sexuality news media have long speculated, would finally come out himself, didn’t materialize. Probably many brave young singers have to lead the way before Ricky Martin stops avoiding commenting on this topic.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 322, June 2018

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