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Wednesday 25 Apr
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The Gossip Bin

by Rod del Auntie in Media & entertainment , 07 juni 2007

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Britney Spears has been elected by the American public as dumbest American of the year. She gathered most of the votes at the annual April Fool’s Day contest of Opinion Research. She beat Michael Jackson who’d been in first position for four years already. The organization stated that shaving off her hair and the reckless way she treats her kids are the reasons for her election. Things seem to go a bit better for the derailed pop princess lately. She attended a Los Angeles Laker’s game recently.

Paris Hilton claimed silver in the Fool’s Top Ten. She deserved this high position by getting arrested for driving under influence. On top of that she managed to get all her personal possessions auctioned off as she failed to pay the rent of her storage space. These party animals are followed by Michael Jackson (3), president Bush (4), vice president Dick Cheney (6) and actor Mel Gibson (7).

Another blonde, Marc-Marie Huijbregts has nothing against Gerard Joling and Gordon. “I’m sure there’s a market for it, although I doubt it contributes to gay emancipation.” The 42-year-old actor thinks the two solarium tanned queers are being exploited like a circus act.

“John de Mol just presents that duo as a rarity so that the audience can safely ridicule them and their shenanigans.” Huijbregts is also very open about his own sexuality. “I have to work much harder to position myself as a familiar,” he says. “

People don’t feel threatened by me; they can easily identify with me cause I don’t act as if I’m from another planet.” He hopes that his fame - he won the VSCD Cabaret Award in 2004 - will forward gay emancipation. “Not directly,” he explains, “there’s more to me than just my queerness.” But he hopes that his programs and performances as a body of work will contribute to the acceptance of homosexuality. “I’ve noticed that you can mean a lot to gays without storming the barricades"

Although his name Marc-Marie sounds like a fashion magazine he is not yet planning his own clothing line. But nothing’s too crazy because after Gordon en Jantje Smit, it’s Jim’s turn. Whether he had anything to do with the designs we don’t know but they say he’s done an entire collection for the V&D.

Jimmy B consists of the usual underwear and beach thongs. So forget about Jantje Smit’s C&A rags and get yourself a brief from Jim. See if you notice any difference. Every famous Dutchie needs to have their own fashion collection nowadays it seems. Internationally the stars design their little hearts out as well.

Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss, to name but a few who think they are designers now as well. Just wait for fall and you can get everything at De Slegte... errr sorry, the Albert Cuyp.
Jan Smit already thought it necessary to include sunglasses to his collection. Believe it or not, but he really picked the models himself.

The deceased “Star Strek” actor James Doohan will be making his last space trip on the 28th of April. They will launch part of Scotty’s ashes into space with a rocket. This was made public by Space Services Inc. recently.

The originally Canadian Doohan (“Beam me up Scotty!”) who died in July 2005 at the age of 85 has had to wait quite some time to have his last wish granted. They had planned the launch the rocket containing his ashes at the end of 2005 but they ran into technical problems and had to delay.

Next to the ashes of the actor who played the technical engineer on board of the Starship Enterprise, the rocket also carries the remnants of a real astronaut: Gordon Cooper, who really was in space in 1963. There are capsules with remains of about 200 people aboard. After the flight the capsules are fixed with memory plates and handed over to the respective families.



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