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Wednesday 25 Apr
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The Gossip Bin

by Rod del Auntie in Media & entertainment , 19 mei 2007

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There’s a lot of sorrow in the world, but one man’s sorrow is another man’s joy. For us, nothing is too much to show Gay News’ readers that their sorrows might be peanuts compared with those of others. Read and sympathize... Rebecca Loos wasn’t able to restrain herself during a flight from London to Los Angeles. She aggravated her travel companions by publicly sucking off her 38-year-old rugby player.

This according to a passenger who apparently had witnessed the scene and decided to share this with us in the British newspaper “News of the World,” to some of us better known as “Screws of the World.” The 29-year-old diplomat’s daughter who became famous through the slip-up of world famous soccer player David Beckham was told to stay above the blanket after fellow passengers in the business class compartment had complained. “Rebecca joined Mick Watson in his chair and climbed on top of him,” the witness reported. “They kissed and then she disappeared under the blanket.” As she looked up for another kiss the blanket slipped away and everybody could see what they were up to. Watson’s spokesperson admitted in the same paper that the two had been caught “doing something.”

It’s possible that Gerard Joling has a kid walking around somewhere. The gay singer mentioned this recently in “Veronica Magazine.” When Joling was scoring hit after hit at the end of the eighties with “Ticket to the Tropics,” “No More Boleros” and the like, he hadn’t even come out as a gay man to himself and still had sex with women.

“When I was popular in Asia I even had a relationship with a girl in Taiwan. She’s married to another Dutchman now. Clearly, I was still working out how things were with me.” He’s worked it out by now and will put it all in an autobiography sometime. When this load of crap will be published is of yet unknown. The singer / television personality is convinced that we will read a blush on our cheeks when we read his life-story.

“It will be spectacular for sure; remarkable and unexpected. I will share things people might not want to believe,” he oozes. “You have to go all the way in an autobiography, the full Monty. I want people to go: this can’t be for real! He’s fucked such and such!” Well Gerard, if there’s something we can do without, it’s that! So save yourself the trouble.

George Michael can’t seem to get enough of police officers, but has strange ways of showing his affection. Last October he was arrested after police found him slumped over the steering wheel of his car in an intersection in north London, and now he will face an additional charge, a prosecutor said Wednesday, March 7. No date has been set for trial on the charges, which stem from the October incident.

Prosecutor Andrew Torrington, appearing in Brent Magistrates Court, said the original charge of being unfit to drive through drugs was being amended to driving while unfit through drugs. The new, additional charge is of being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drugs. The 43-year-old singer wasn’t present in court. It’s clear that drugs often do more harm than you’d wish, but the law enforcement officers seem to do everything they can to make life more difficult for the queer singer, probably because he was able to make a world hit from his previous arrest.

Robbie Williams also has problems with stimulating substances. He has recently checked out of the rehab clinic in Arizona and has returned to his home in Los Angeles, a spokesperson reported. The artist started the program on the 13th of February, his birthday. The spokeswoman mentioned a dependency on medication. She claimed the British artist had finished his treatment. An anonymous source at the American clinic however, said that Williams had checked out a week early. The program was meant to go for four weeks.

Williams’ mother was quoted in “The Sun” that his problems still stem from his years with Take That. The singer, still a teenager at the time, is said to have been emotionally damaged by the sudden success at the time.

It’s not just fun and games in these rehab centers, Britney Spears recently tried to hang herself with a sheet in one of them.

Again, just quoting “News of the World” here... The diva is said to have undertaken the attempt after she’d carved a 666 on her shaved head and had exclaimed she was “the anti-Christ.” Personnel at the Malibu clinic managed to restrain the 25-year-old Britney. They say she’s a lot better now. “She’s a completely different person compared to how she arrived here,” an insider blabbed.

Goes to show: fame ain’t everything.



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