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Monday 21 Jan
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Pink Point - Slow

by Eric Rozenboom in Nightlife & Reports , 10 februari 2007

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To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

December’s not the busiest month of the year for Pink Point. Many tourists prefer to chase the sun instead of visiting our chilly little country and that’s noticeable in the kiosk. The days are getting shorter and the wind is blowing around us so violently it’s sometimes as if we’re about to be launched into the sky. Fortunately we make it cozy by hanging out our lights early and inside we always make time for a chat and the exchange of the latest gossip.

Recently a British mum and her daughter positioned themselves in front of the counter. Mother dearest peered straight past me in the direction of the board with our weekly recommendations. “See dear, there’s what’s going on tonight,” as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “But mum,” the daughter replied, “Those are gay nights and gay places to go.” Mother seemed undeterred. “Yes dear, but you shouldn’t be visiting only straight places in Amsterdam.” I couldn’t help but get the impression that all mum really wanted for Christmas, was a lesbian. She was so determined to get her daughter into a gay club I thought to myself that indeed, some mothers would prefer a daughter in law if they had anything to say about it.

You can find a lot of jokes and puns at Pink Point too. A good friend of mine visited me at the Point the other day. As a man of the world, he always manages to surprise me with his insights, ones that I’ve never heard before and that are often very funny.

Like the cliché mo that I am, I was complaining about the imminent festive season and how I’d have to go on a diet again in January to lose all the extra weight. “But sweetheart, really,” my dear friend said with sympathy, “you don’t get fat between Christmas and New Year... you... get fat between New Year and Christmas!”

Of course we will be open all winter to answer people’s queries on Amsterdam and it’s club scene. A very kind lady bought the gay cycling tour through Amsterdam and wanted to know if café Lellebel was also on there.

Because she had never been to the place and was very curious but also a bit hesitant to just go there, she had decided to ask us if we thought she’d like it. “Well,” I stammered, “you have to like it, just like mashed potatoes.” She replied swiftly: “Oh, but I love mashed potatoes.” “Well honey, then you’ll love the Lellebel as well.”

December might not be the busiest month but you remember more of the things that happen during the day, it’s always a surprise what the next hour will bring. But still, I can’t wait; let the summer come back quickly, because I don’t like things going slow.



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