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Friday 17 Nov
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Pink Point - A little Bridge Too Far

by Eric Rozenboom in Columns & Opinions , 24 september 2006

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument.

The fact that all the doors of Pink Point are wide open again can only mean one thing: It’s summer! After a stormy winter, when it often felt as if the little kiosk was going to be blown away, it’s good to feel the weather change.

The number of times our Most Frequently Asked Question: “Where’s the Anne Frank House?” is heard, is increasing dramatically.

The postcards are flying out of the rack. It’s on these moments that I sometimes ask myself: Are we a gay information kiosk or are we just one of the many businesses that thrive off Anne, who’s still pulling thousands of visitors every year?

Like this very “normal” family from Mexico: Father, mother and two sons. One of around nine, the other about fourteen years old. Mum and dad were full of admiration for the Amsterdam tourist postcards while their offspring ventured inside.
I soon noticed that the oldest was not just interested in our general souvenirs on offer but had a good look at our more explicit material. After he sent his brother out to ask if their parents wanted something to drink from our luring fridge, he made his way to the free Gay Map. His hands barely touched it when his younger brother returned inside much too quickly, blurting out his mother didn’t want anything, but that he was kind of thirsty.

The red-cheeked boy groped his pockets for money. The little brat disappeared with his drink and he quickly folded the map into his pocket. He then stood straight in front of me and asked me in a hushed tone if I knew where he could go for a drink later on.

Afraid to scare him off, I thought it was better not to send him to the Warmoesstraat straight away so I pointed towards the Reguliersdwarsstraat.

After my polite smile he point-blanked me with a question I hadn’t seen coming: “Could I have your phone number?” Fortunately I recovered quickly - and I had thought him young and innocent... “No,” I said decidedly and shortly. I saw him cross the street with his parents and his younger brother a little later. So there you go, that’s why it’s good we’re here as a gay information point. Where else could youngsters so casually pick up some info. Even though I don’t think this one made it even to the Reguliersdwarsstraat: just one little bridge too far for this time.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 315, November 2017

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