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Film News - The Short Pink Film Days

by Editors in Films & Books , 14 december 2005

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The Pink Film Days present smaller and larger editions of the festival alternating every year. This year it’s the smaller version’s turn from the 14th till the 18th of December in Cinema de Balie and Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam. Two years ago the theme “Pink Film Days go NordiQ”, completely dedicated to Scandinavian films, was a huge success. The event always pays special attention to short movies and this special edition presents short movies only!

The program is bulging with the most special, most interesting, most beautiful and funniest short films of the past couple of years. Twenty shows present over eighty productions. There’s work from film makers from Canada, Brazil, France, Israel and Hungary.


The program is varied this year. With the motto “See how the other half lives” most movies are interesting for both gays and lesbians. Take the opening films “Fucking different! Fifteen Queer Crossovers”, a program from Berlin. Lesbian film makers were asked to capture their ideas on gay relationships and sex in a short film and vice versa, gays were asked to show their view on lesbian love.

The result is hilarious: the clichés that both sides use are very funny here. The various countries and cultures show the differences in experiences and approaches of the gay and lesbian identity.
In contrast to previous years the programs are very mixed because a lot of combinations are based on regional presentations. This breaks the pattern of separate shows for men and women. This festival pays tribute to the creators of short movies. There are therefore also two retrospectives of two prolific producers of short movies on the program: Bavo Defurne from Brussels en Anna Margarita Albelo from Paris.

Cairo Calling

Bavo Defurne (1971) studied film and video at the St. Lukas Academy of Arts in Brussels. His first movie “Atlantis” already showed recurring themes his other works were to get: the human body and nature, love and loss. Defurne’s movies are inspired by people such as Eisenstein, Anger, Genet and Pierre et Gilles and possess rich images soaked in romantic gay ethic. His short movies are very successful on festivals worldwide and he’s currently working on his first full-length feature.

Of course the promoters of short movies such as the Canadian distributor CFMDC (well represented with four shows), film school Sam Spiegel and film festival Mix Brazil are important. The latter two are actually not strictly distributors but they do distribute the short movies from their collections.

Comme Un Frere

There are no less then four mixed programs from Canada:
“Queer Eye on Canada: Crazy Canadian Comedies” is a collection of humorous short films.
“Queer Eye on Canada: True North Strong & Free” contains short documentaries on the Canadian refugee and immigration system as it applies to sexual preferences.
“Queer Eye on Canada: Everything Relative” is a range of short productions in which alternative, also queer, families are portrayed.
“Queer Eye on Canada: Beautiful Bras & Bulging Briefs” focuses on underwear and it’s role in the art of seduction.

The festival called on Dutch amateurs and professionals to send in work. The result can be seen in the program “Made in Holland.” It’s turned into an eclectic combination with a Canal Parade “home video” in a special edit, an experimental dance film, karaoke videos and such. In short, there will be a lot to check out!

Being a Boy

The program “Israel - 15 years Sam Spiegel film school” mainly contains “men’s films,” but also has some gems that would not be classified as particularly gay movies but are very worthwhile anyway. Like the funny “Whatever it takes,” in which a young woman stops at nothing to keep the love of her life with her. Or the transgender film “A different War,” in which Gio at the time of the intifada gets to play King David in the annual theater play while he’d prefer to play the princess.

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