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Wednesday 21 Nov
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Renovated Cockring Even More Exciting

by Ron Meijer in Nightlife & Reports , 13 november 2005

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Who doesn’t know the Cockring club in Amsterdam? Positioned in the famous Warmoesstraat, in the center of the hot neighborhood and with the Amsterdam leather scene as its neighbors. But the Cockring has always had its own style in this old neighborhood, where sex and fun have ruled for hundreds of years already. The visitors of the Cockring consist of a mix of trendy clubbers and leather men.

Young and not so young, they all feel at home here, and for seventeen years already. Sex and disco, an ideal mix.
Still, René van Beek, owner of the bar, felt he had to change some things. He had also noticed that times have changed in Amsterdam. He saw that bars and clubs in other European cities adapted faster and better to changing conditions. Amsterdam has been too complacent lately, relying on faded fame and hoping for times to get better. So he decided to refurbish the Cockring. But changing a successful club is a risky endeavor.

How will the customers respond to a change? Does the new meet the demands?

They decided to renovate instead of reconstruct. All the quality was to remain, no change in atmosphere, but some things really needed to be updated.

He was faced with several dilemmas, he told me as he gave me an enthusiastic tour of the place.

He was taking quite a risk with this invitation to come and view the place, because I have been a loyal customer from the start till a couple of years ago, usually being one of the last to leave.

I’ve always liked the style and atmosphere of the place, so I was very curious to see what it would look like. When we went upstairs I didn’t see any changes at first. And, yes, I was sober! But when I looked around more carefully I noticed several things.

The bar is a little smaller, there’s more room to sit down, and the construction of the bar had changed. In short, it looked great. And most importantly, regular guests will still feel right at home while a lot of things have changed dramatically. And with an eye for detail. Napkins (!) and notepads with pens are right there at the bar, a small touch but so important.

Further to the back it’s a complete metamorphosis. I really didn’t believe what I saw. They succeeded in utilizing the space to its maximum capacity and put in several cabins of a quality I have not encountered anywhere else. This is truly “updating” and adapting to what the people want.

Each cabin is furnished with all the things you need when you retreat together with another guy. The glory holes are perfectly fitted: no sharp edges or splinters, which is nice when you want to stick your swollen manhood through it. Although, some people probably wouldn’t mind that, but you can’t please everyone.

The whole construction showed craftsmanship. Good material, easy to clean and sturdy enough to support a good root. Lighting is just right, not too much but also not too dark so you can’t make your choice.

The cabins have a special surprise feature that makes everything even more exiting but I’m not going to tell you everything, you’ll have to come and explore for yourself. In short, I was speechless and it’s perfect.

Downstairs the disco was in full swing, the dance floor filled with young and older folk, and that’s exactly what I appreciate so much of the Cockring.

René van Beek knew that, if you want to give the city a push, you have to invest. Waiting means running behind and the old days are gone. He was one of the first to take a risk and invested a lot of money in his business in order to help Amsterdam reclaim the European position that it deserves. I can’t deny that he has succeeded miraculously.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 327, November 2018

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