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Gay News : Publications : Issue 168 : Japanese Researchers Claim HIV Drug Breakthrough

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Japanese Researchers Claim HIV Drug Breakthrough

by Editors in Health & Body , 06 september 2005

A team of Japanese researchers say they have developed a potent new drug that blocks HIV from entering human cells and causes almost no side effects. The drug, named AK602, was unveiled at the international conference on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in Kobe early July. The scientists say that the drug’s main feature is that it shuts out the AIDS virus at the point when it tries to intrude into a human cell. Current AIDS medicines sometimes lose their effectiveness in a few days because the virus changes and develops a resistance to those drugs.

AK602 is different because it reacts to human cells instead of attacking the virus, says Hiroaki Mitsuya, the lead researcher in the study. According to Mitsuya AK602 sticks to a protein called CCR5 that acts as an entrance for HIV into human cells.

When the drug becomes attached to the protein, it can prevent HIV from entering, and thus stops the virus from spreading. AK602 doesn’t cover the entire CCR5 protein, it only shuts the specific area where HIV can enter, leaving open the sections necessary for normal bodily operations.

According to the “Asahi Shimbun” newspaper, which reported about the results of this research, the scientists conducted clinical tests on forty AIDS patients in the United States.

When the patients took 600 milligrams of AK602 twice a day for ten days, the number of HIV viruses dropped significantly.

Half of the forty patients had taken other anti-AIDS drugs before, but those medicines were no longer effective because the virus had already developed resistance, claims Mitsuya.

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Re: Re: Japanese Researchers Claim HIV Drug Breakthrough

by supastar7supastar7 on 06 september 2005
I have heard that there has always been a cure for HIV since the disease was created in 1950s as a genocidical warfare weapon using cells from monkeys.

It is no big knowledge that human diseases are created from the likes of animal cells/DNA since we are closely related. For example, Avian Diseases from Birds, SARS from Civets in China, and other types of animal/human bacteria and viruses that cause sickness and death.

I was talking with a physician a few years ago and he related that there will be a "cure"soon due to so much research. Yeah Right ! I read in a very controversial conspiracy book called "Behold a Pale Horse" that HIV was created as a bio weapon by scientists with a cure/placebo as well back in 50s. All these years the cure has been held back. Just like Cancer, there has been a cure, but due to money that can be made from sick people in pharmaceuticals and doctors it was never released. Just think of all the people that have died when there was knowledge to save. A Dreadful Judgment Day awaits everyone doing wrong in this world !

Years ago in 1950s a cure for cancer was discovered by a scientist name RIFE. You can look him up on He used laser technology to amazingly cure cancer cells. The work was denied by US Govt and rejected. RIFE knew of the conspiracies to keep people ill instead of healing. He was blackballed and I believed disappeared strangely. His work was hidden away by his grandson who now still advocates for him under pressure from the US Govt. You can see wicked cover ups from day one.

Cures for diseases would put thousands of doctors and pharmaceuticals out of business. They make billions and billions off of the sick masses. So a cure for many diseases would make alot of big time people and corporations lose money! Not in America mind you its everywhere about the almighty dollar and people sell their souls for it, mark my words.

Lets see how fast the US Govt and Food Drug admin will approve this new Japanese HIV drug. Very slowly for sure, as money is root of evil, being made off of sick folks sucking their wallets, health and self esteem all in one swipe of a credit card.


Japanese Researchers Claim HIV Drug Breakthrough


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